10 Minute Meditation with A Positive Message For You

Loneliness And Isolation – A Deadly Combo

Loneliness and isolation are not really the same thing, but they can have a very unhealthy relationship linking them together. In order to avoid the negative effects of these two things, one must first understand what loneliness is, and what isolation is, and then one must know how the two correlate. If you feel like you may suffer from loneliness, then it is important that you observe what effect isolation has on your life.

3 Dangers of Procrastination When Building Your Business

On the internet when you are building your business your actions must be swift and calculated just to be competitive! It’s therefore mandatory to stop procrastinating when confronted with any tasks you find unappealing or your business online will suffer! Read further to see 3 ways putting things off can dramatically alter the direction your business online takes, and NOT in a good way!

Spring Clean Your Style!

This time of year we can all benefit from a little spring cleaning, but your style might be one place where you haven’t given much thought to a little TLC. Your image works hard for you but it also needs a little assistance once in a while.

Improving Your Outlook – Ways to Become More Balanced in Life

In the spirit of generosity and kindness, do you volunteer for a deed as soon as you have some free time? Do you find yourself angry and resentful because there is little time to do what you want? Read this article and learn how to achieve more balance in your life.

Do You Have a Fear of Too Much Abundance?

Often we see the world through the filter of there not being enough; not enough money, not enough time, we just don’t feel we have enough of what we need to get by. To have life go the way we want. Have you considered how it would feel to have what it is you want?

Forget Having Instincts: Develop Your Intuition With These Four Steps

Instinct is defined as a behavior pattern that is universal for a species — that is, every member of the species does it without any opportunity to learn. Intuition is defined as a kind of immediate knowledge or awareness not based upon some logical process — a form of insight that brings together appropriately relationships between the elements of a problem or situation. The key distinction to be made here is that by definition instinct can only be applied to animals while intuition can only be applied to human beings.

The Best Way to Use Your Study Time As You Prepare for Your Exams

Studying and exams often fill people with dread. Young people can be overwhelmed at the pressure to do well, please others. For older people the memory of having been tested and found wanting is something that can stay with people for years. Let’s look at some tips to help you use your study time well.

The Obstacles to Problem Solving

Have you looked into the mirror lately? You know the one you have in the bathroom or in your bedroom. When you get the opportunity to do so, spend a good quality minute or two looking at the person you see. That person is you. You are the greatest obstacle and your only reality, and your ego trip.

Finishing Well

As difficult as it can be, we need to finish as well as we start. We need to do the hard work of bringing various activities in our lives to their logical conclusions. If we fail to do this, we will struggle to find wholeness in our lives. We will lack a sense of accomplishment, which is never beneficial in living a happy life.

Resolving Unresolved Issues

Most people have some unresolved issues in our past. Though we often prefer to ignore those issues, ignoring them often only bring pain into our lives. As difficult was it may be, we must learn how to resolve those issues.

Life Balance

We hear the term “life balance” a lot – but what does it really mean? And how do we find and maintain it? I think there are two answers to these questions.

How to Mentally Prepare For an Exam

Can you eat an elephant? Of course you can, piece by piece. That is how you should also approach mental study before a major exam. Take it apart. Study in great detail. Use your multiple intelligences to tackle the most difficult parts. Do not be afraid to use your physical body as well. Walk around your surroundings, reading aloud, acting out parts that you wish to remember. Dramatize parts that should be dramatized.

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