10 Minute Meditation to Help You Feel Your Best

What Word in Almost All Languages Should Be Used Very Infrequently?

The word is impossible. The definition of impossible is, cannot be done, and cannot be achieved. The very use of that word removes all possibility of accomplishment.

The 3 Questions That Will Change Your Life

Brendon Burchard, Found of Experts Academy, shared with us 3 questions he would ask himself daily, and it is the same three questions one would ask at the end of their lives. These questions forces you to think and act accordingly. They make you stop and revamp everything you have been doing now.

A New Year and A New Commitment To Exercise!

All five of the paths to a transformed life come together as we consider our commitment to exercising in 2011. This is an important part of our self-improvement and should never be overlooked!

So, You Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions? Well, A Vision’s Even Better

The New Year’s Resolution for those who don’t make them is a special one; it clinches the field as far as goal-setting goes, simply because it defeats the need to even set a goal. This Resolution is about choosing a vision for life. This is a broad direction to head in. It’s a consuming focus.

The Real Essence Of Money

Perception does affect what we get in our lives. The way we view money sometimes dictates what how much money we will actually get. It is been seen that people are starting to use laws of attraction in order to get money.

As Life Washes Over Us

What we resists persists and more often than not, it takes letting go completely of ALL of our perceived should’s in life. There is no one way to do anything and when we hang on for dear life to make life go a certain way, we’re questioning the Divine. Spend some time at the river and get a feel for how life really goes.

Outcomes Follow Each Decision We Make

Sometimes in life, we make choices that require a certain amount of sacrifices. At times like these, it can feel as if we must force ourselves to do things we don’t want to do. Consequences follow each decision and the choices we refuse to make as well. We may dislike our job but enjoy the luxury of the income it provides, for example. One day we decide that it is time to move forward and look for other opportunities. Then our thinking takes on a new set of circumstances. At times like these; the “what if” thinking can drive us to do what we shouldn’t and back down from the challenges of transformation. The thought of living in a smaller apartment or driving a used vehicle rather than a new one can cause us to reconsider. In the end, we know that we will be happier in another job, even a lower paying one. However, the concept of losing the conveniences we may have become accustomed to can wear on us.

How To Understand Another Person’s View Of The World

Have you ever found yourself assuming that everyone thinks the same way about something as you do? Sometimes we forget that another person may see the world in a different way to us. The expression about getting into someone else’s shoes is not necessarily to be taken literally although there was a well known actress who found she got into her character by putting on their shoes.

The Difference Between Quality and Perfection

I can’t tell you how many people tell me they’re a perfectionist. They talk about it being a curse and a blessing. On one hand they are proud of doing high quality work, and on the other they drive themselves and others crazy.

For New Year’s 2011, Say “Yes” to Goals and “No” to Resolutions

The nationally recognized expert in weight control and self improvement gives his views on New Year’s resolutions: Forget them and think “Goals” instead. Here he tells why and help you to make 2011 your best year ever.

Creating a Plan to Achieve Success

You know what you want. You want to be successful. Yet you don’t know how to start on that journey of change.

What Should I Say to a Therapist When I Make an Appointment to Keep My New Years Resolutions?

Calling a therapist for the first time can be daunting. How much do you tell? What do you say when you get to the office? What will a psychologist think if I disclose my real feelings? You want to get help as soon as possible; however, telling a stranger your deepest secrets is scary. This article facilitates the first contacts of the person new to counseling or psychotherapy.

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