10 Minute Meditation to Clear Your Mind

The Only Way Out Is In

One of the covert, inimical thought processes in our human paradigm is the desire to be right. In most cases, that desire impedes our ability to effectively listen to others. As a result, we experience miscommunication. The way out of that abyss is counterintuitive. Here are some techniques.

What Does It Take to Succeed

The conventional way is to finish college, get a job and work your butt off to achieve what you want to achieve. It still is – education is still important and working hard is still important. But the playing field and the rules of the game have changed. Now the playing field has more players than before. They are all younger than you and as eager to put in more hours and effort to make it big in the shortest time possible. In short, you are in for a lot competition. You have to be better or be beaten.

Short Memory

We must remember what we’re trying to be and where we’re trying to get to. We must remember what is important, and what should be important to everyone. We must not let the daily grind and trivialities derail us from truth and reality.

The Power of Mentorship for Wealth Creation and Personal Success

One sure way to wealth and personal success is through associating with the wise, rich and successful people around you. When you have the rich and successful as your mentor, you have at your disposal the tested and proven success formula of such accomplished men and women.

There Is No “The Way”, Only “A Way”, or, The Amalgamated Morality

This article is based on the philosophy that I follow, which I have developed over my life. I have drawn conclusions and concepts from various different sources, and I continue to change it at necessary in order to adapt and evolve. Some of the sources include Buddhism, Military Tradition, Chivalry, Martial Arts, Objectivism, and Hedonism.

No One Experiences Things Like You Do!

“My gosh you guys are twins!” declared a young lady who entered a retail store as my brother and I walked out. To be honest, I had never thought my brother was that good looking, but who was I to argue with the absolutely unsolicited and unbiased opinion of a rather lovely young lady?

Adult Children of Alcoholics – You Are Not Your Brain

Jeffrey Schwartz M.D has written a great book called You Are Not Your Brain. It is a book that I think all ACoA’s may appreciate. What Dr. Schwartz refers to as ‘deceptive brain messages’ I refer to as ‘codependency’.

Honesty – The Outdated Morality or Life-Changing Paradigm

The preservation of truth is a goal that few people would concern themselves with these days. There is no way of knowing whether some things are true or false, unless one experiences it for themselves. This narrative describes the reasons to push for truth in speech, action and intention, for the purpose of improving their lives, and the lives of those around them.

Do You Look Beneath the Surface?

It can be so easy to think we know what someone else is really like by looking at some of their actions. In reality, though, can anyone really understand what’s going on in someone else’s life, in someone else’s mind?

Our Decisions Make Us Who We Are

Every decision we make, every minute of every day of our lives, makes us who we are. By learning to make better decisions, you can put yourself on a path to happiness and success.

How to Find a Treasure Map for Your Spirit

While we mark the transitions of early life with rituals-everything from baptisms, communions, and bar and bat mitzvahs to graduations-the more subtle, yet profound, awakenings available to those in midlife go virtually unnoticed. I wanted to change that, so last year I attended my first ever weekend-long all-women’s retreat in honor of my 40th birthday. It seemed like the perfect way to mark an incredibly significant and exciting milestone with a time of deep contemplation, intention-setting and celebration.

What Is The True Purpose of Relationships?

Did you know that relationships are eternal? They reflect the energetic ties and karma to be played out incarnation after incarnation, as we carry them along on our soul journey. So it’s important to understand the purpose of your relationships from a spiritual perspective.

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