10 Minute Meditation to Clear Your Mind

Manifesting Tips: How Important Is Having a Vision For Your Life?

Is your life going the way you want it to? If not, read about simple tips you need to know to transform your life to the one you envision for yourself.

Objectivity Versus Subjectivity

Why is it that it is so much easier to be objective about others and their actions and motivations, than it is to be that way when we examine ourselves? Why do we permit our personal view or attitude towards another (that is, whether we like or dislike someone) dictate how we view something? Do we permit our personal biases or prejudgments taint our attitudes or the way we handle matters?

The Same Mistake

History teaches that people hardly learn from history. You cannot continue to repeat the same mistake and expect new results. Make a effort to go off track. Make an effort to learn.

What’s Keeping You From Becoming Successful? Understanding the Six Human Needs

When it comes to the key to success, might be easier to examine what drives our actions with the six human needs… Many people who have found success don’t think of what they do as work because they’re driven so diligently by inspiration. And that’s where you want to be, but to get there, how can you satisfy these six human needs within yourself?

Causes of Snoring and Self Help Cures

Snoring is a common phenomenon that is mostly experienced by men and people who are overweight. If you are a regular snorer, it means two things; you have either been told that you are a regular snorer by either your partner or roommate(s), or you have sleep apnea which is related to snoring. Either way, someone is getting sleep deprivation so the sooner you find your causes of snoring and find a cure, the better sleep everyone will have.

Good and Bad Foods for Eating Before Bedtime

Did you know that eating before bedtime can affect how you sleep dramatically? Depending on what you eat before you hit your pillow, you will either be enjoying your sleep after a hard day’s work, or you will be tossing and turning or even worse, visiting the bathroom on a regular basis throughout the night.

The Father Son Relationship – Fathers Are People Too

A father-son relationship can be a complicated issue. Depending on our age we view our fathers in different ways. They can be our heroes, our competitor, our bully, our partners, our best friend and sometimes even our worst enemy. All father-son relationships are different but in general they form a pattern as time goes by.

Create Your Own Opportunities!

Most people don’t get the things they want in life on a platter. If you wait and hope that the opportunity will come knocking on your door, you may never get what you want. If you are looking for a job, sending resumes to very business you know does not cut it anymore. Hundred of other job applicant are doing the same thing. You need to do something new and bold, you need to reinvent yourself!

The Lifestyle of Larry Likeable

This story begins a series of articles on Larry Likeable, a fictional character who is living the life. Problem is his life reflects the lives of so many of us.

Perfectionism: One Way To Assure Imperfection

Perfectionism does not create any form of perfection. It wastes time and talent. Something is perfect when it fulfills its purpose or is finished, and that’s what a leader strives for.

Is Your Ego Dying?

Do you feel miserable, uncomfortable, disoriented? It may just be your ego dying!

You Can’t Go Home Again

You can’t go home again. Can you?

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