10 Minute Meditation to Access Your Personal Power

Be Successful AND Happy

Now you can be happy and successful at the same time. Think about this…

Being Balanced/Healthy

All ancient scripts from around the world provide guidance and suggestions on how to keep our bodies healthy. Happiness is revealed as a natural state of being in response to healthy living. We already know that our body is a sophisticated device; lets investigate what keeps it full of energy and life.

Surviving University: Coping With Your Studies, Relationships, Social Life and Family

What I learned during my experience at university. While I didn’t have the most challenging course, (people like asking “BA Man Catching?” when you tell them you study BA, to my disdain) I still had essays to do and often had to pull all-nighters due to my chronic procrastination. I make up for my lack of motivation with sheer will-power and fear of being reprimanded. It’s worked so far! I look back at those years and sometimes wonder what I was thinking: the partying, the lifestyle, the mind set I had but today I’m glad for what it taught me.

Protecting the Inner Child

This is an article inspired by a dream on the topic of protection. Specifically, it challenges the reader to protect their inner child and the inner child of others. It ends with some thought-provoking question for the reader to ponder upon.

Your Attitude and Strength of Character Will Determine Your Altitude

The attitude you project to the world can never be something, which depends on what is going on in your life or business at that time. It is something you have 100 % control over. In fact one of the most important choices you must make every day, is the type of attitude you intend to project to everyone around you. When you make the right choice and you project a positive, optimistic attitude to the world, you empower yourself and set the tone for great success and fulfilment each day.

Walking On Eggshells – Healing the Codependent Frightened Child Within

When you are a child who has grown up in a home with chronic stress, who has learned to survive by developing emotional, psychological, and physical life preserving skills, you are one who has learned to disown self–for the sake of having to monitor your surroundings for the next attack. It doesn’t matter if that attack was judgment, criticism, sarcasm, aggression, anger, or if you were one who was instead ignored, neglected or abandoned. When a beings first impressions of him/herself are ones that cause them deep psychological wounds that have them believing they are not enough–it sometimes takes a lifetime to heal those faulty illusions of self. We are all worthy beings regardless of how ignorant our caretakers were to how essential their attitudes about us, about others, and about the world affected our impressionable opinions of self. Yes, it was their job to get us to love Self. But we are not children anymore, and we have the power to decide who we are, and learn to let go of past pain so we can live more abundant lives. “As a he/she thinketh–so shall he/she become.”

The Aftermath of Child Molestation

When I was six years old, I became a victim of child molestation. The atrocious acts continued for close to a year, before my mother discovered the horrible secret and put an end to the nightmare… or so I thought. Let me tell you how, for most of my adult life, I’ve continued to allow myself to remain a victim to the crimes committed against me, and let me tell you how, after three decades, I’m a victim no more.


When you make a choice or set up a goal, are you aware of the underlying mechanisms that motivate you? What governs your decisions?

First Steps to Inner Balance

So often I’m asked to share some of the practical tools I use to find my own life’s balance, and over time and lots of tests in my own life’s journey, they have become even more clear. There are a few things that I have found consistent through working with some of the most wonderful women over the last eight years, and they make all the difference between someone who keeps on “working their life” and those that learn how to “live in the flow”. At first they may sound basic, but you wouldn’t…

Feminine Male Energy

There is both feminine energy and masculine energy in us and in everyone who walks on this planet. To deny this fact is not to be aware of who we are. Some men reading this may not yet be aware of this dichotomy in life; that we are composed of both feminine and masculine energy. Now is the time to become aware, and, knowing this, to reach out your hand to other people (particularly men who may not know of this dichotomy), with the intentions of healing this troubled world.

Morphic Fields: Be Careful Where You Focus Your Attention

I hiked one day with a woman I’ll call Laura. She shared with me that she had just lost her husband. She said that for a number of years he had been obsessed with avoiding all foods and environmental toxins that had any claimed connection to cancer. I asked her how he died and she replied, “Cancer of course. His body was totally riddled with it.”

Would You Marry Someone With Bipolar Disorder?

Dating someone with untreated bipolar disorder can be like heaven on earth. But getting married to someone suffering from untreated bipolar personality can be like “Hell on Earth.” The article goes into how to identify the issues surrounding bipolar disorder and the sources of it’s origin.

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