10 minute meditation guided my angels

Our Lives Are Like A Spiral Continually Evolving

There is a definite pattern to life and it is a constant graceful curve toward purpose. If you are like most, you ask yourself questions as you begin to discover the patterns of your nature and of human nature.

5 Tips on How to Update Your Skills

Learning a new skill can be your best option to keep pace in these highly technological times and most importantly provide for your needs and that of your family too. The skills that you currently have may no longer provide you with the benefits it once gave to you. Or those skills may no longer provide you with a lucrative pay as it previously did, say, 10 years ago.

Thoughts on Gratitude

I used to have a negative charge around the word gratitude. I don’t think I’m the only one who has experienced that. Here are some tips to overcome it.

Magicians: How People With Depression Disappear

People with depression often disengage and “disappear” from life. They hide because they are unable to handle the stress of their personal lives and jobs. But they also become invisible because of the painful shame about being depressed and having difficulty getting things done.

If You Don’t Prepare Beforehand, You’ll Kick Yourself After The Fact

You and I have seasons of life. We need to be prepared for each season. Failure to do so could have disastrous results. Here are 3 ways to make sure you don’t miss your season of life.

Grow Up and Become Responsible

Every day we have given the opportunity to blame others or take responsibility. The more willing we are to take responsibility in our lives, the more we grow. Our values are intrinsically linked and strengthen as a result of stepping up and removing blame from our lives.

How To Use the PPRR Steps to Steer Away From Impulsive Reactions

On the path to self improvement one first must become self-aware. Once self-awareness has been rooted as a new habit, many new insights, ideas, and questions arise often times demanding your immediate attention. Riding these thoughts is a trail of emotions and life can seem like a roller coaster if you constantly react impulsively, even if the feelings are positive, full of excitement and exuberance. In order to get a grip and stop jerking from one shiny new thought to the next, practice a productive pause in the PPRR steps to continue on the path of personal development and self-discipline.

Accept Imperfection – Really?

Don’t we live in a world that expects perfection? Just watch any advertisement on television. The people look perfect. The products deliver perfect. Mistakes are called out and people are brutally chastised. The pressure we place on ourselves to be perfect is enormous. Think about it. You may not call it “perfection”, but if you search deep within yourself it’s likely you will find that this is what you strive for – perfectionism.

Five Things Writing Taught Me About Real Life

Want to know what writing can teach you about real life? Here are five steps towards self realisation and how you can write your own story.

Creating Your Dream: 6 Easy Steps to Getting Clear About Your Dream

Getting clear about your dream is the first step to creating it. Consider a few key reasons to find the dream you must work on NOW!

Benefits and Steps to Revising Before an Exam

In my school days, I observed that those students who took time to make revisions usually had better scores than the others. This is because revision makes the topics fresh in the mind.

A Networking Nightmare

Well, it finally happened. After nearly 180 successful one-on-one meetings and phone calls, it finally happened. The “train wreck” occurred and my ego was crushed like the runaway train in The Fugitive movie.

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