10 Minute Meditation for Whenever You Need it

If You Will Change, Everything Else Will Change Too

There is no way getting around it. Personal re-creation is going to require personal change. Every time I’ve taken a step along my personal re-creation process over the past 20 years, I have had to make personal changes, some of them major. To make things even tougher, many of these changes took place in an environment of uncertainty as to whether or not I would be successful.

Pushing Yourself To The Max

The trick is to push yourself constantly, but to vary the intensity of the pushing from time to time. This gives your mind, body and spirit a chance to rest, yet you avoid the risk of not getting started again. Athletes do this all the time. They push themselves harder one or two days a week and then a little bit less during the remaining days of the week.

One More Magical Focus to Get You To Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done

Sometimes we act like there really is a fairy god-mother. Like something magical is going to come out of nowhere and save us from ourselves. The hard fact, and we know this deep down inside, the hard fact is that you will be allowed to bury yourself.

Choosing Between Victimhood and Personal Empowerment

It’s time to make a clear decision about the direction of your life: will you maintain the old fear-based beliefs and emotional wounds or will you move toward new, more creative and expansive paradigms? Shift into high dimensional reality by leaving the victim role behind!

Can You Help Your Friend Enhance Her Personal Growth and Development?

There are those who, when confronted with a crisis situation or with a need to change something, get into a “helpless” state of mind. They feel they don’t have control over their lives, that they can’t make decisions and move forward. They might feel stuck in whichever situation and/or state-of-mind they are, yet still not have the courage and/or the motivation to make a change. You might then wish to intervene, help them move forward and make a change. But can you indeed help them? Would they accept your help?

7 Ways To Prevent Procrastination

Most everyone has either been a procrastinator or knows a procrastinator, or both. There are some things I procrastinate on, but I generally am on top of whatever project I am working on. I just want to get it done and out of the way, and I want to feel that sense of accomplishment. Here are seven ways to help prevent procrastination.

How to Maintain a Healthy Heart and Prolong Your Life?

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States today causing a great deal of concern among men and women. Here, we attempt to address this concern by providing and answer to the big question: “Here is what we can do about it!”

Life Lessons

The recent outbreak of tornadoes in the Midwest brought back memories of a time in the past. I remember in early 1974, as tornado season approached our thoughts always turned to the possibility of being hit with a devastating storm or even a killer tornado.

Who Is Theodore Jeremiah

What is a name? What is implied by using names? Who am I is the question posed by countless mystics in their search which assisted their arrival to the fullness of knowing? What is knowing and how are belief systems shackling evolution and awareness? From this moment on forget about Theodore Jeremiah and apply your name over my name and commence unfolding the essence of your being. Know your true self worth through knowing not merely believing because fixed paradigms or and inflexible belief systems are preventing you from unfolding the lotus flower within.

The Psychological Interview

Psychological techniques can be used to influence the job interview. By understanding human behavior, you can understand how your interviewer is motivated which gives you the opportunity during the job interview to persuade the interviewer to offer you the job. For some of you reading this, you may believe that such techniques should not be used.

Midlife Crisis? Reinvent Yourself!

Midlife crisis is a large categorical reference to a very deep human emotion. Often times it is met with a sense of sadness or depression. In fact, mid-life crisis is the ideal time to pursue “the other dream.”

Don’t Let Others Tell You of What You Are Capable

It is common when a new season starts, or when a major sporting event takes place, for many to make predictions as to what will happen as to the outcome long before the first game is even played or a season starts. Often these predictions are made with a great deal of conviction on the part of the one making the forecast. Their language and phraseology will be completely disparaging, particularly toward those teams that they feel will not do well. I was contemplating this recently and found it disturbed me a great deal. When I questioned myself as to why, I came to the realization that this type of behavior is exactly the opposite of what it is when I work with my clients. In a coaching relationship, the focus is always on looking toward whatever steps need to be taken to make the client be as successful as possible in terms of what they are looking to achieve. Yes, they may start out with not all the prerequisites they need in achieving what it is they are looking to accomplish. But to completely disparage them before the process has even began, that is just not a coach’s style.

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