10 Minute Meditation for the Empathetic Soul

Beliefs, Success, Conscious and Unconscious Integration

These days we are socially conditioned to detach from emotions, to expect help from others, to expect the worse from people and things and to struggle against all the things that bring us grief… What happens when you start to not struggle and push on through but begin to get smarter and learn how to easily overcome your problems? Life is full of ups and downs, the key is to know how to navigate it with a smile.

There Is No Shame

Shame is my failure to follow someone else’s authority. I follow someone else’s authority with pride. When I do so, they are proud of me. When others are proud of me, there is no shame.

Give Yourself Permission

Very often you might find yourself struggling to accomplish something, let go of something or someone or make some kind of change. You may want to be happier, wealthier, or more successful.

Reaching Your True Potential In Work

Are you living up to your true potential? If you are not living up to your true potential you may be idly going through life without any real passion or purpose. In this article we’ll discuss what we do for work, and hopefully the information here will help inspire you to make sure your living up to your true potential.

Share Secrets Into a Community of Secrets to Heal and Forgive

This article isn’t about the Catholic penance and forgiveness system but the practice does have some merits. Exposing your inner secrets to someone trustworthy gives an inner healing that is difficult to obtain in any other ways. Let’s discuss the cleansing benefits of revealing secrets and how to safely share yours into a community of secrets to heal and cleanse.

What’s Important To You and How Do You Define It?

How do you know if your goals and dreams are right for you? It’s easy if you know what’s important to you already. Learn how to determine your values and what they mean to you as well as whether or not they are compatible with your goals and other values.

Now What? How to Achieve Tremendous Success

You’ve been working on changing your beliefs about yourself and your future. You’ve got a new attitude and mindset. You’re all motivated and ready to go! Now what? What do you do from here?

Do You Know What You Are Doing?

Do you have a plan? Are you following it or are you working blindly, hoping you are headed in the right direction? Learn how you can take control of your life and destiny, bit by bit, building momentum and energy.

Core Beliefs Status Check

When we are working on ourselves and trying to improve our lives, it’s a good idea to stop and make sure that we are living out the values and core beliefs that we have. It’s easy to get off track sometimes, but you can learn how to determine if you are on track on not.

Analysis Vs Action

Are you an action taker or an analyzer? Do you get caught up over-analyzing everything? Learn the dangers of too much analysis paralysis and how to overcome it.

What Are Heroes?

What is a hero? What makes someone be heroic and act heroic? Are heroes born or made, and who are your heroes?

Reinforcing Your New Beliefs

Changing your beliefs can be hard. Learn here what you can do to reinforce your new beliefs and keep moving forward to your destiny.

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