10 Minute Meditation for Self Love

Dreams and Passions

Go the extra mile to get what you have always dreamed of. Even if it seems so far away, keep following your passions each day by being enthusiastic about them and before you know it, you’ll have what you want. Go ahead to follow your dreams and Passions.

Personal Development From Creative Information

My experiences with mental illness and education have prepared me to give some small lessons about the nature of life. In this article I explore the idea that greatness—personal greatness—is really a function of information: information we can make up ourselves.

The Power Of Constructive Criticism

Although many of us dislike when others criticize us, when we are the recipients of fair and constructive criticism, it generally places us in the best possible position to achieve to our full potential. One of the most difficult activities for most people is to be objectively introspective, and to be both willing and able to identify both our strengths and weaknesses, and take needed actions to address any items that we might be able to improve upon.

Clarity Deficit Disorder, a National Epidemic

We have a problem in this country and it’s not just the partisan gridlock in D.C. In a country absolutely brimming with opportunity – for everyone – we find too many people and too many businesses not achieving the success and accomplishment they both desire. Why? I think it’s because of CDD – Clarity Deficit Disorder. What causes CDD? It’s the inability to focus on those things that really matter. Whether it’s the Senate, House of Representatives, you or your company, the inability to focus on those things that really count will absolutely destroy your opportunity to succeed.

What Are Your Expectations for the Future?

Why do you think everyone has different expectations and beliefs about what they can achieve in the future? I know you are expecting a really profound answer here, but I am afraid the answer is really simple. Your most prominent thoughts drive your expectations.

How To Detect Stress Before It Kills You

Stress is the ‘silent killer’. If you continue to ignore the signs, it just may kill you.

Is Continuous Personal Development Worth the Effort?

Everybody in this world wishes and tries to improve their quality of life as well as standard of living by achieving their personal goals and objectives. But in order to do this and achieve your goals and objectives, you have to give your full dedication and commitment to your work. Continuous personal development is a good concept which can be used in this regard.

How to Build Self Discipline

Imagine what you could accomplish if you could simply get yourself to follow through on your best intentions no matter what. Learn how to build self discipline.

There Is No Empirical Right Or Wrong

Right and wrong are a matter of personal opinion, this is the definition of morals. Your morals define what is right or wrong for you. If you do things you feel are wrong, but then convince yourself it is acceptable or divert your attention from feeling what you did is wrong, that takes energy and builds guilt.

Advice To Keep In Mind As You Deal With The Aging Process

We are all going to grow older. However, some age more gracefully than others.

The 30-Minute Personal Development Plan: Redirect Your Life in Half an Hour or Less

One of the quickest ways to stop stalling and start achieving your personal development and self-improvement goals is to act – now. Following are five steps to creating a personal development plan in 30 minutes or less; one that can literally change the course of your entire life.

I Can’t Believe He Said That!

I watch in amazement how people (both men and women) wear the masks of their ego. Ask them, How are you doing? and “I’m fine!” “Doing Awesome!” and “Living the dream.” are common responses. I too have been guilty of it.

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