10-Minute Meditation for Self Love

Turning Shyness Into Popularity

Shyness is actually a form of social genius that allows people to inspire others to greater happiness and empowerment. Learn how to easily turn on your natural charisma.

Mastering Excellence in Your Life

Mastering anything is easy with my three-step approach. Your brain is a natural mastery machine. All you need to do is learn how to use it. By using my technique you can take thousands of hours off the time required to move from novice to master.

What’s Your Value System Like? (Part 2)

Life, as we know it, is all about making choices. In this process of making decisions, whether you make the right or wrong choice, will depend, to a large extent, upon a written or un-written set of rules that govern your individual life. To create your own set of values, which are guaranteed to keep you afloat in the midst of a declining society, You will need to employ sure and tested reference points, positive value building steps which will ensure you end up with personal value systems that will produce for you.

Start Today – Live Life Anew

The blooming lilies beckoned from my back yard this morning. I answered with my coffee cup in hand as I perused the outstretched buds, which live in seeming peace with a sprout of weeds and dying patch of grass nearby. Usually, when I pay a too seldom visit to my little piece of LA, I focus on the weeds, the dead grass and the wilting flowers. Of course the metaphor hit me over the head this Easter morning.

Is Successful Social Interaction Possible When You Have ADHD/ADD?

Social interaction is part of any modern person’s life. This article aims to explore the content and applicability of conclusions in amongst others, ADHD in Adults, by Susan Young and Jessica Bramham, 2007. Adults with ADHD have at times a unique challenge to deal with social interaction and to articulate the stream of creative ideas and innovation. This article covers the challenges and tips to deal with delivering your message and how to be an excellent listener if you are an adult with ADHD or ADD.

When We Lose Focus

Ever tried to focus on something but no matter how hard you tried your mind continued to drift off to something else? The distractions and thoughts in our minds alone can keep us from getting things done without any other influences such as other people, noises or other interruptions. Focusing on something or someone is not an easy thing to do but we can discipline ourselves to be better at focusing so our minds don’t wander off to something else.

Knowing What You Want in Life

Knowing what you want in life generates personal power and arouses you to the magnificence of the universe. It leads you to the core of a spiritual journey as it transforms your views and feelings. Knowing what you want does not guarantee an easy life, but rather a life open to opportunity and excitement.

Not Thinking Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

No need to read and educate themselves about a beef-based diet. No need to look at the facts about nuclear waste escaping into the atmosphere and seeping into the ground water. Only years later when the truth comes out how the government and multi-national corporations have been lying to them and toxifying them for decades will outraged indignation sweep the land. Only then it will be too late.

The Dysfunctional Family – Rules to Live By

In this article the reader will be provided some examples of behaviors that can be the result of growing up in a dysfunctional family. This is followed by nine rules learned in a dysfunctional family with explanations, examples, and the resulting adult behaviors. Lastly, the reader is challenged to change their negative responses. A word of note: this is not a parent bashing article.

Need Help Defining What You Want?

Get Clear, crystal clear on what you want. Clarity is the key. It unlocks the potential within that’s dying to get out. Get to know what’s at the core of having a happy and successful life. Clue – It’s all about you.

Finding Your True Value

When you do more for others than they expect, your value goes up in their eyes. When they do more for you, their value to you increases. But there’s a point when their (or your) value decreases. Care to guess when that happens?

8 Ways to Win at the Game of Life

It seemed to me that there were red balloons all over the ceiling, flying out of the air vents and bobbing along the stands among the passionate we-have-to-win-this-game-or-we’ll-die fans. Okay, there wasn’t really a red balloon in sight, but the room was buzzing with possibility. And, in that span of about 90 minutes, emotions ran the gamut of a full lifetime, from the birth of the opening jump shot to the final buzzer which meant death on one end of the court and another birth on the other end. And, in between, I couldn’t help but think of the many life lessons that were stuffed into a time warp of those four quarters.

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