10 Minute Meditation for Positive Energy

How To Get Things Done Better and Faster

It’s a fast paced world and the competition stiff. There is an immense amount of pressure on every one concerned to get things done better and faster and also, deliver required results. It is crucial for us to take the pressure in stride and deliver the desired results to achieve the success in life we desire. Success is not easy and it needs an immense amount of effort on our part to achieve it.

An Invitation – Together We Can Create a World Filled With Love and Hope

Recently, cancer has presented itself to people I know and to family members of very close and dear friends of mine. I am no stranger to death or cancer but it’s been a while and it seems that suddenly it’s all around me. As I hear and observe the struggle of these afflicted people and their loved ones, I am filled with a slow silent grief.

Can Your Belief Systems Make You Sick?

There is so much research on why you get sick? The Blame Game of this product, that thing, that person, this or that is what is the cause of making you sick can just turn out to be the Be-Lame Game. You start looking outside of your Self for the reasons or the unreasonable reasons that you get sick.

Reality Vs Illusion

I received an email from someone very dear to me that blamed our current economic crisis on people getting “free stuff” from other people as well as open borders and helping non U.S. citizens. It seems to me that views of “free stuff” from any group are founded on unstable philosophy’s that encourage division of the people in the U.S. and around the world.

Breaking Free From the Mold and Living Life to the Full

Sometimes we are so wrapped up in our hectic daily lives that everything seems to be routine to us. We take everyone for granted and we ignore the little things in our lives. For many people change is not an option, or at least they think it’s not. But what if you didn’t want to be mediocre like most people? What if you just wanted to break free from the ‘normal’ life we are all programmed to live?

Finding Precious Time for an Even More Precious 30 Minute Workout

We all know exercise is an important factor for having good health and weight loss. Having said that, many of us have very busy schedules and other important things to do like an 8 hour day job, then cleaning the house, then babysitting, then having coffee with friends, not to forget watching C.S.I, Criminal Minds and Game of Thrones. No wonder we can’t fit that 30 minute exercise session in a day!

Learn How To Concentrate On Studies

Not all people are blessed with the ability to focus for long hours on a single task like studying. Most of us get distracted by trivial things. If it is important for you to do well in your exams then it is time you learn how to concentrate on studies and we share some tips to help you with this task.

4 Meditation Benefits Rarely Considered

Meditation is a powerful tool we humans have at our disposal since we first became aware. It’s just too bad many don’t understand the importance it can have. If we realized that meditation benefits more than we can see through studies, perhaps we would be more likely to practice.

The Power of Effective Communication Skills

Sadly to say, most people do not realize the power of effective communication skills. Poor speaking skills can limit and paralyze career advancement or your ability to establish new relationships. Where as, effective communication skills may lead to limitless opportunities, new personal-professional relationships, and improve your quality of life.

Want a Guide for Life?

If we would allow ourselves to go with the flow of the seasons, life would unfold in the way it’s meant to. Many times, when our heads get in the way and we impose our own next steps and deadlines, it causes more stress than success. However, listening to our hearts and connecting to a higher source will never fail in putting us on the divine right path in the divine right timing.

How Willing Are You To Change

You have to be willing to give something up – to release something, to make room for something new. Or you won’t grow.

Senior Moments of Clarity and Wisdom

Being smarter than when I was younger is one of the main things I like about getting older. All those life experiences, both positive and negative, have helped to create a mantle of wisdom and clarity. Sure, these qualities are not only associated with seniors, but younger people, in general, have fewer real life events from which to learn.

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