10 Minute Meditation for More Joy, Calm & Happiness

Why I Believe That Dreams Will Make Me a Millionaire

It’s been days since we talked about having dreams and whether it will help you in becoming successful or not. As promised I did my reflection (and hope you did yours as well) and I will share it with you. I know we often read it in books and hear from self-help gurus that we should all have dreams to be successful but without first hand proof or testing it, we will never know if it’s true or not.

Simple Living – Simplifying Tips

Simple living as with it’s natural partner minimalism will mean different things to different people. Often folks who say they are looking for a simpler life tie themselves into knots trying to accommodate somebody else’s idea of what simple and simplified living is. Quite simply, if it is hard or difficult… then it isn’t simple!

What to Do If You Feel You Don’t Deserve Success

Do you ever feel like you don’t deserve success? You are not alone. We can find examples of this faulty thinking in all areas of life including business, medicine, and sports. Recently several professional football teams have defied the odds and public opinion and succeeded in spite of the doubts. There are lessons we can learn from these teams and apply to our lives.

Parental Decision-Making Has Long Unexpected Consequences

The impact of parental decisions about communicating with family members after a divorce has a long term impact on their children. This is one example of the long-term consequences.

How to Forgive Your Parents Easily?

How to forgive your parents Can you forgive your parents? Is forgiving your parents difficult? When Jane was a child, her parents got divorced. Her father hasn’t been in her life at all. He was not there for her when she needed his love, his compassion, his care, and his support. He has never called to see how she is doing and never asked how she is living.

Valentines Day – Take Charge Of Your Valentines Day And Make It More Meaningful and Memorable

While Valentines Day can be a fun day for those in a relationship, it can be a nightmare for those who are single or alone. It can also become more about the money you spend, than the love you share for someone else. So, instead of wallowing in misery or loneliness, why not find new things to do with Valentines Day instead?

Overcoming Fear Through Meditation And God’s Love

Victims of abuse know all about fear imposed on the mind even without physical inflictions occurring because the implications given with fierce acuity have a similar effect as the actual force. Likewise, victims of abuse have to use their minds to free the implications of their captors and allow healing to thoroughly manifest before they will be really free. Nothing has restorative faculties like meditation and for all life’s ills you shall attain amazing recompense by attacking that which you desire to rid your body, your psyche and your very essence of by availing of the God given gift of meditation. Our minds are powerful even beyond our wildest imaginings as it may protect us and destroy us but it is required we learn how to control the mind.

Use Your Intuition – Ten Secrets for Getting What You Really Want!

The ability to be aware of and alert to your intuition is a powerful gift that we all possess. When you are connected to this inner voice you are privy to guidance that’s perfect for you and just not available from any external source. It’s an art to be sure, that of paying attention to and following the gentle nudges of your intuition, and one that will serve you well in all areas of your life because it helps you feel secure and safe in knowing that all is ok no matter the lessons you’re learning along the way. You develop a sense of peace when you are in touch with the gifts that your inner voice provides because you begin to live from the inside out and this is where you develop stability, serenity and success. Check out these ten secrets to getting what you really want!

What Else Can Go Wrong?

“What else can go wrong?” Ever hear yourself say those words? I bet if you have, you have also heard yourself repeat them only a short time later!

5 Ways to Discover What You Want to Do With the Rest of Your Life

Teenagers are not the only ones attempting to find out what to do with their life to make it fulfilling and exciting. Men and women of all ages, and that includes people in their 80s, want to have a purpose to their life. They want to do something meaningful. Here are some ways to discover your next adventure in life.

Discovering Your Idea of Wealth

Usually, when people think of being wealthy, they think of money. They would love to win the lottery and have more money than they ever dreamed of. For them this would be wealth. For others, wealth resides not in money but in other accomplishments.

How to Discover the Tao With Journaling

Did you know just how much the Tao and Journaling can have in common? As with the Tao, journaling allows you to create your own calm, peaceful world. The Tao is a beautiful calm, peaceful way of life.

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