10 Minute Meditation for Mindfulness

Attachment and Behaviour

You have to admit, John Bowlby was clever. Not that any number of other people would, or could have reached similar conclusions about why we think and act as we do, across the span of our life-times, – but he was the first to ably describe the anchor for our social interactions, stemming from our child-hood experiences. Experiences, which cause any number of us, to create havoc in our adult inter-personal and romantic relationships.

How to Gain Confidence to Live the Life You “Really” Want: 3 Things You Can Do Today

As a success coach, one of the things I’ve noticed is that the underlying reasons many fail to live life the way they really want almost always comes from some form of self-doubt. Hence, many of my sessions revolve around giving participants the tools they need to learn how to gain confidence to break through their limiting beliefs, so that they live a life they design; one that makes them truly happy. To this end, following are three things you can do — today — to start this journey.

Psychoanalysis: Quaint Antique or Modern Alternative?

What is psychoanalysis? When most people think of psychoanalysis, one of two things typically springs to mind.

The Challenge of Believed Realities and Shared Spaces

Individual realities are unique, however in a shared space and time – like a group of passengers on-board the same airplane – each person is collectively subjected to the same outcome. Individual realities seem stationary, yet each person’s perception of their world reflects the life they believe in and is in constant flux.

Six Red Hot Lies to Burn

Six Red Hot Lies To Burn before you move away from winter and embrace a new season, full of growth and new potential. It’s a good time to make up your own ritual, and burn the clutter you no longer need. Begin to kindle the flames of your authentic truth.

Live Your Own Life

Don’t be afraid your life will end; be afraid that it will never begin.Grace Hansen. Begin now and live your life with courage, confidence and integrity. Do you have what it takes to live your own life, its not for the faint hearted, but with commitment the road can be a wonderful adventure.

We Have the Mind of Christ But Do We Have the Heart of Christ?

There is a thought that the mind is the conscience and the heart is the sub-conscience. You may be able to guess what a person is thinking, but you can’t guess their heart.

Are You For Real?

Ask most people what defines a man and there is inevitably going to be comments about being responsible, standing up, taking responsibility for our lives and so forth. Of course every man embodies these character traits right? I mean if this is what defines being a man then it would stand to reason that all men own these qualities through and through.

How to Change Habits and Change Your Life

Almost everyone makes New Year’s resolutions. And by the end of three months more than half of them have broken their resolutions. By the end of six months, almost 85% of people are likely to either totally stop or deviate from their original resolution.

How to Stop Getting Jealous For Good

You might have felt jealous of someone at sometime or other. It will be interesting to analyze when and why we have this feeling. Obviously, jealousy develops in us when we find someone achieving something which we are not able to. So, we can see that jealousy is only a feeling of inadequacy in us.

Your In-Box Will NEVER Be Empty and Your Purpose Can’t Wait

As I write this article, I’m on a plane heading home from quite a transformative trip working in an all-day 1:1 with one of my coaches. (Yes I have a coach too, more than one actually, and plan to until the end, because there is absolutely no substitute for that kind of support in my business.) As I re-group my recent experience, I am smiling at how much my Dad’s passing has supported me to be even more purposeful and passionate about the work I do.

Fairness In Life

Life is not fair. We don’t always get what we deserve and what we think we deserve, and sometimes we get undesirable things that other people deserve. A winner lives life according to true principles and doesn’t worry about fair.

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