10 Minute Meditation for Manifesting (Guided Meditation)

How Much Pain Will I Tolerate To Make A Change?

How much pain do you need to tolerate to make a change. You have what you tolerate, know your level: grow.

How to Wiggle Out of the Mud! – 11

Avoid Trifling Conversation – The Ellen DeGeneres show was on the TV when I walked into a waiting room. I had to listen to it because, well, because it was on and I had to wait.

How to Prevent Your Low Self-Esteem From Standing in Your Way to Having a Successful Relationship

Having a low self-esteem might make you sabotage your relationships over and over again. It might drive you to be there “unconditionally” for your partner, at the expense of yourself, due to your needs to be loved and appreciated. It might also make you be constantly afraid that your partner might leave you – all of which might lead you to unconsciously sabotage your relationship and be left, once again, alone.

There Is No Making Up for It

There are certain things that have been said and done in the past that cannot be made up for. I may spend time with the elderly and ailing children. I may volunteer to help the needy and the homeless. I may deprive myself of certain indulgences and luxuries. I may do all of this and more in an attempt to make amends for something that I have said and done in the past. But the past is written and there is no changing it.

Message From the Universe: When NEW Souls Become OLD Souls

This is evolution in reverse. We feel like our lives is a deja-vu and everything we do today is a reminder of what we’ve done in a distant past. Our mind remember most of what happened and it is important to learn from the experiences of old souls. Embrace challenges in your life and be fortunate for the lessons. Stay around positive people and limit the negativity in your life. You want to live a happy life so your next reincarnation can be a smooth one.

5 Truths About Self-Improvement and Toxic Friends

Self improvement should be an exciting time for you, but you may find that your friends are supportive or excited for you. Read below for my experience with toxic friends during my personal growth, and see if it resonates with you.

How to Grow Emotionally

We all need to change certain aspects of ourselves. Learn how to take steps toward emotional growth that will bring you closer to self-honesty, self-improvement and a higher level of self-care.

The Best Ways To Deal With Solitude When You’re Self-Employed

Working alone sounds fantastic. Nobody steals the last cup of coffee, and there’s no boss informing you to get to work. There’s one big catch. Self-employed individuals typically suffer from isolation. You may have restricted opportunities to communicate with others. This can end up being rather uneasy after a while. Before you start talking to your plant, take control of the situation.

Renegade Running From the Lawlessness of Fear, Lies and Untruths in Your Life

A Renegade is running, fleeing or deserting common logic or principles that can cause them or others pain or discomfort. A Renegade is running from whom? The lawlessness of fear; there is no reason to be afraid when imminent danger is not present. Renegades are oftentimes misunderstood. Are they really running from the law, or are they running away from something horrible, or painful, or from lies that they make a conscious effort to dismiss? Are renegades running from lies told about themselves, lies they tell, or untruths in their perception about themselves or about others?

9 Ways To Develop Your Own Luck

While you cannot change your luck in the lottery, you can change your luck in life. When you’re lucky, good ideas appear to take place by accident. Of course, luck is no accident. Lucky people offer themselves the very best chance to experience the best of luck. Lucky individuals expect success, strive, and stay alert for chances of success.

Where Does Your Time Go?

How do you spend your time? Is it spent taking massive action? Or is it spent taking focused action? Massive action might be effective, but it’s just as likely to be exhausting and pointless. Focused action is effective by definition. It may not look as busy, but the results are telling.

Being Left Out

It hurts, it stings, it hits you like a truck, and almost everyone has been in this situation before. Can you guess what it is? Being left out.

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