10 Minute Meditation for Loving Kindness

Chaos Is Your Friend! Why Managing Life’s Changes Depends on Chaos!

A great opportunity The chaos in your life is an opportunity – just waiting for you to make the changes that will shape a chaotic life into a purposeful, productive, well-ordered and happy life. And that is an incredibly attractive reason Why you can and you should get started today on making the personal and career adjustments that will allow you to be successful in managing life’s changes.

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

It’s important to cultivate your emotional intelligence by learning to handle your own emotional reactions. As well as allow space for others to have their emotions, without you trying to control them.

Approaching Ahimsa Like a Warrior

Think of the qualities you associate with a warrior. I think of ferocity of determination, one pointedness in attention, and definite strength. Now think of the yogic quality of ahimsa.

Is There Such A Thing As Healthy Narcissism?

All of us have an ego wounded self who is narcissistic to one degree or another. For the purpose of this article, I am defining narcissism as abandoning responsibility for ourselves and expecting someone else to attend to us and define our self-worth, or expecting something external to fill us up and make us feel loved. Given this definition, ‘healthy narcissism’ is an oxymoron.

Cheaper By the Dozen

12 Step Spirituality gets a lot of attention… much of it negative. But it also says for us to take what works and to leave the rest. Her’s what I think works very effectively.

Holy Crow!

I crawled into bed after an especially exasperating, work-filled Sunday, flipping through the television channels trying to find something at least quasi-intelligent to watch, as is one of my usual wind-down mechanisms. What I stumbled across on the tube was not only “intelligent”, it was about intelligence – intelligence in those always-circling-above, loud, obnoxious, black birds I so disliked..

6 Steps to Dealing With Discouraging Comments (So You Don’t Get Derailed!)

Have you ever felt discouraged by people mocking your wellness efforts? Comments like: “Well, aren’t you Miss Healthy!” “You don’t need to work out.”

It Is Very Important To Understand Coping, Let’s Take A Closer Look

The functions of coping are described and explained in order to understand what a person facing a difficult demand or situation can do to deal with events that could become experienced as stressful. Is a difficult and challenging event inherently stressful or is it experienced as stressful? This important question lies at the heart of understanding how people successfully cope or not.

Change How You Think and You Will Change How You Live (My Quote)

When a person is challenged to change how they think, without even given it a second thought, they pull back and are fearful. Have we ever wondered where our beliefs orginated from? Let me share some thoughts that are positive to empower you to change any thought that is holding you back from fulfilling your dreams.

How to Master Intentional Risk-Taking

Life would be so much simpler if every choice and opportunity came with a “guarantee” attached to it. That way we’d feel safe and satisfied with all of our decisions. The problem is that worthwhile growth inherently involves at least some risk, which means there is a certain percentage of failure involved. For many people just thinking about taking any form of risk is naturally scary, but learning to take well thought out intentional risks it is also one of the most important things you can do to build self-esteem and greater confidence in your own abilities to make decisions and overcome adversity.

Discover How To Win and Rule In The Midst of Your Enemies 2

You are more than conquerors through Christ that loved us Rom. 8:27. The reason many people are confused is this; they cannot understand why obstacles and challenges come to their lives. These people believe that since they are more than conquerors, they should never have challenges and problems in life. You must understand the fact that challenges and problems or difficulties of life are the things that prove your conquering abilities. How can anybody declare himself a winner when he has not fought any battle? That will baffle anyone who hears that kind of declaration. It is after you fight a good fight that you can be declared a winner; the good thing about it is that God has declared you the winner before you ever engage in the battle.

Discover How To Win and Rule In The Midst of Your Enemies

You were born-again to a living hope that fades not away: You were born to an inheritance of success. In fact, success is the free heritage of all the children of God without a single exemption. The Bible says in Hebrews 9: 15b that, “…they which are called might receive the promise of eternal inheritance.” If you are truly born again, you have a right to this heritage or privilege.

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