10 Minute Meditation for Inner Wisdom ( Guided Meditation)

Staying in the Fire

Let me introduce a new concept when experiencing a difficulty. We’ve heard the phrase going “through the fire” and coming out stronger, after we’ve been “burned” or gone through a traumatic event. I propose “staying in the fire” to uncover what we’re really made of.

Always Ready to Learn

There are old people who are young, while there are young people behaving like pensioners. How can you stay young, even as you grow older? Discover the art of learning!

Becoming More Decisive

We make decisions on a daily basis, easy ones and sometimes more difficult ones. Those difficult ones can be more involved and a struggle for so many of us.

Three Ways to Make New Year’s Resolutions Stick This Year

Have you made the same resolutions year after year only to have them fall by the wayside after a few weeks? If so, you are not alone. An estimated 92% of resolution makers give up by the end of January. Here are three suggestions to move into the 8% this year.

What Is Dying In Your Life?

This has been a long, hard year for many people. And we’ve had some significant deaths, as well.

Mindfulness and Compassion – Embracing Your Dark and Light Side

Avoiding unwanted sides to ourselves is not the mindful way to deal with them. Compassion asks us to embrace both our darker and lighter sides. This article discusses the topic of polarity and the mindful and compassionate way of dealing with our own demons.

Mindfulness – Living a Synergistic Life

For a long time, spirituality and science didn’t seem to go together. You either practiced spirituality OR adopted a scientific approach. In the mindfulness and neuro-science world, a synergistic approach has been found. Science and Spirituality have come together to help us lead a wholesome life. How can you apply this to YOUR life?

Lead The Way To An Exemplary Life

My Mother told me I’d be judged by the company I kept. I had no idea how important this lesson would be in my life.

Teachers and Students

All life experiences share one thing in common. Their purpose is to teach you something that you wished to learn. Enjoy a new and enlightening perspective of this process in this article.

Have You Ever Hit a Brick Wall?

Most of us experience times when things don’t go to plan, don’t work out as they were meant to do. Those times can cause self-doubt and uncertainty to surface. Here are some ways to heal, refocus and return feeling stronger and once again in control.

What Our Dreams Are Made Of

Researchers have probes and sensors attached to your head and other parts of your body. They say that they are investigating the phenomena of why human beings dream. But are they mechanically creating dreams for you and clandestinely altering your thinking and surreptitiously changing your behavioral patterns?

There Are So Many Reasons to Have for Celebration During the Holidays, a Paradigm Shift May Follow

***Now that 2016 is NEARLY over, it’s a great time to think of a myriad of out-of-ordinary things to do to enhance your joy and enlighten your spirit. Have a reason to be happy, make this a festive occasion for celebration, holiday seasons are the best time to reflect or capitulate upon opportunities of renewed energy. Make this season a reason to be more festive, decide you’re going to invest in a paradigm shift for a better outcome in 2017!

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