10 Minute Meditation for Grounding Your Energy

The Painful Experience of a Cluster Headache

If you do not know what a cluster headache is, then think of the last time you encountered the pain of a migraine, and multiply that pain by ten. Maybe this is the reason why cluster headaches are sometimes referred to as “suicide headaches”, as many sufferers actually consider committing suicide to relieve them from the pain.

How to Stop Bloating

Bloating is actually gas that has not been metabolized or released from your body. It can be frustrating because it causes your abdomen and lower abdomen to expand, leaving you feeling that you have put on that extra weight again, but in actual fact it’s just gas. However the feeling of discomfort that bloating causes can be reduced by using the following tips.

Take A Chance And Move Forward No Matter What

You cannot move forward and make things happen unless you’re willing to take a chance, make mistakes and be willing to be ridiculed by the “righteous” while you learn from your mistakes. There will be those who will criticize, control, be righteous or ridicule you for your decisions (even if it sounds risky and “not smart” to them).

Identifying Your Personal Brand

We come across questions every day. If a popular networking event is bugged with secret voice recorders and each and every word said by people is recorded, then most of the tape would have the following lines. What do you do?

Celebrating Imperfection

Perfectionism comes at a cost, and far too often, the cost is self-sabotage. Imperfection, on the other hand, can help us move toward goals in a celebratory fashion. We can actually have fun along the way! I urge you to experiment with the idea of imperfection. You may find that imperfection shrinks fear down to a manageable size, which in turn leaves room for creativity and productivity to take flight.

Lucid Dreaming Supplements: Powerful Dream Control Aids

Lucid dreaming supplements are natural herbal remedies you can take to make dreams longer, more vivid, and more memorable. In combination with diligent use of dream control techniques, these supplements can help you increase your chances of frequent lucidity.

Brainspotting – The Gentle Way To Heal From Painful Events And Addiction

Resourced Brainspotting is proving to be the most effective way to uncover childhood events that lead to addiction in an individual. A client may not remember what happened to them but their body does. When the body begins to release memories and the mind understands the effects of live’s painful experiences, the need for addiction begins to dissipate. Recipients find they are able to reach a core sense of self with in a few hours of therapy.

How to Learn French for Beginners

Learn basic french through writing the words. Understand verb forms and tenses.

Intelligence of Heart

This article is an attempt based on common day experiences that something exists beyond the Intelligence of Brain that helps us to act in situation. It also describes situations in which brain-opens conflict with this new intelligence. This new thing has been traced to an extension of the Emotional Intelligence as well we make to classify the observable traits of the people.

Take Your Contemplator For a Date

Your Contemplator resides in your frontal lobe… but we take it out and exercises it too infrequently. Here are some things to do to get your contemplator working again.

The Inevitable Future

Isn’t the “inevitable future” a fascinating concept? I was reading an article last week regarding financial planning and came across these two words that I just can’t stop thinking about. The context of the article was retirement planning. The point the author was making was that her experience with older clients is that they’ve failed to plan for the retirement lifestyle they want to have, now that they’re in their “golden years.” Retirement planning aside, I think being mindful of the “inevitable future” makes sense on a number of fronts. One of my all-time favorite quotes is by Peter Drucker: “The only way to get the future you want is to create it.” I use that quote in almost every presentation I do and with every coaching client I work with. We either plan for the future we want – and then execute on that plan – or we get what life wants to give us. Here are a few areas of life where being “proactive” makes a lot of sense:

3 Tips to Create a Productive Environment

Just as plants thrive in the right environment, so do you. Here are three tips to create the environment that will enable you to be the most productive.

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