10 Minute Meditation for Going Deep Within Yourself

Good Communication Skills Are Essential Life Skills

How is being a teacher effective without good communication skills, or a doctor, a salesman, or being a student, a boyfriend, or a friend? We already know that communication is, and always will be a part of our life, and it is why it’s important to be able to communicate effectively to be successful in whatever we want to be.

If Not Now, When?

Are you holding back on doing something you want to do? Do you keep saying to yourself and others “I will do it when ___ happens”? Or, how about, “There will never be a good time to do it”? If you are talking like this I wonder what is going on? Presumably it is something you want to do but have you challenged that? Do you really want to do it? How badly do you want to do it? If all of the obstacles you perceive were out of the way would you do it right now? Why? Why not?

Development in Women

Development in women has to be a process that is carefully planned. It sometimes is a long process. The process can be short but it depends on whether or not you have a positive mind frame and have the determination to make a change in your life. Besides you would appreciate the process even if its a long process, the important thing is becoming a more confident and successful woman.

Give It Time

Although we live in an instant world where information is available at our fingertips and we have the option to carry around devices that keep us in immediate contact with others, the real things, the really good things take time. The steps to get the good things in life haven’t really changed at all.

How to Be a Compassionate Truth Teller

We as people in the public eye must examine everything with the utmost integrity, always questioning our motives, our truth and our intentions. “Integrity” is considered to be having a consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcomes.

The Biggest Challenge of Personal Improvement

When it comes to self-improvement, challenge is the name of the game. The single biggest challenge may well be to admit in the first place that one needs to improve. How does this happen and where does the process begin? Self-awareness is the resounding answer.

Empowering Our Lives Through Selfless Service

Are you feeling dissatisfied with your life? Do you have the feeling that something is missing, but you can’t seem to put your finger on it? Sometimes looking beyond ourselves is the answer. If we look around us we will easily see what we can do to help others, thus giving our lives greater meaning.

Making the Right Choices for Your Life

Your choices deserve careful consideration. Choices=Opportunities. Every since you leapt out of bed with joy and enthusiasm to greet this precious gift of a new day, you have made a host of choices that you now call habits: what toothpaste to use, what outfit to sport, and what coffee to slurp. Your life is a reflection of the choices that you have made.

You Either Believe In Yourself or You Don’t

Here is a very notable suggestion to ponder and contemplate. Remember Yoda saying, “Luke, there is only do or do not, there is no try” or something along those lines. This is an incredibly wise statement. You either believe or you don’t. It is pretty well black and white and you have the option, the authority and the ability to accept as true or not…

Get Unstuck From Being a Drama Queen

Is drama alive and well in your life? Do you seem to go from one crisis to another? Is everything that happens to you bigger than life? Do you spend hours telling your friends, relatives and anyone who will listen about your troubles? Does life happen to you? If so, you might be a drama queen. A drama queen is someone who is addicted to drama. If there is not drama in a drama queen’s life he or she will create one. Life only seems to be working when it doesn’t work. If you are stuck in the drama quagmire here are some things that might help you get out.

Secrets of Secure People

What is it that secure people know that other people do not know? Why is it that they don’t have to hide their insecurities? Surely they have some, we all do. We all can identify insecure people. For some it show in shyness, a nervous tick or cough and for others,well, they try to hide it behind some outward behavior. In any case, it is usually pretty obvious. Insecurity is very uncomfortable. We feel exposed and vulnerable. We are afraid people will find us out. If they do we will be very embarrassed and even more insecure.

Sometimes Life Seems Cruel – Why Is It So Hard?

Do you ever wonder why it is that some people seem to get all the breaks, and easily get all the wealth and lucrative opportunities while you constantly struggle to even pay the bills? Sometimes it feels as though we have drawn the short straw and we can end up feeling beaten and bitter. Sometimes life seems cruel.

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