10 Minute Meditation for Expanding Your Consciousness

How To Apply The Four Noble Truths For A Better Life

The Four Noble Truths represent the Buddha’s fundamental teaching to liberate humans from suffering. I propose using the acronym AREA to remember and apply the Four Noble Truths in practical ways: Accept Life As Is, Release Reactivity, End Grasping, and Act Appropriately.

Baby Boomers Get Clean and Sober

This is a true story of a couple that successfully conquered their addictions to drugs and alcohol. Let this serve as inspiration for you!

The ‘Snow’ Excuse

Trish and Lindy were friends and roommates, going to the same college. The classes for that day were so hectic and intense that they just couldn’t wait to get home and hit the bed. Trish got home first before Lindy did and fell asleep instantly.

What’s Your Glory?

Identifying important aspects that are the key to happiness and wellbeing of your life could be a life changing experience. Have you ever inquired yourself, who you are, what are your traits, what do you like, what you don’t and why? This is a journey that everyone should embark on to find the true direction of their life; story of this journey would be as unique as you are.

An Identity Crisis Is Vital For Growth Because It Occurs At The Edge Of Chaos And Harmony

Erikson believed a person’s personality develops in a series of stages. His model differs to Freud’s in that social interactions and relationships impact an individual’s development and growth throughout their life. Each stage builds on the previous one which creates the foundations for growth in the following years. At each stage, a person experiences internal conflicts, thus creating a turning point in the individual’s personality.

You Can Mindfully Live in a Big City

Many of us believe that it is hard to live mindfully in a busy city. However, most of us live with more noise than ever, whether we live in a big city or a smaller town. Therefore, we need to devise steps to remove ourselves from the noise and from the busyness in order to rekindle our mental balance and mindfulness. In this article, I will show you how to be mindful, wherever you find yourself. This is because mindfulness is a state of mind. Therefore, the physical environment should not matter to our fostering mindfulness. In other words, we can cultivate peace, presence and purpose in the middle of it all. In this article, I offer a few tips to ensure you can do this.

Manifest Your Desires And Achieve Financial Freedom Now By The Power Of Manifestation

Did your school truly teach you the secrets to achieve financial freedom and to live a life of success and happiness through the power of manifestation? University research tells us that past generations and even today target many of their lessons on getting good grades and the future will bright for you. While surely good grades are important because it is an indication of hard work and commitment to goals and objectives in life, when you were students I’ll bet many of you have been brainwashed by your teachers with this idea.

Here Are Some Law Of Attraction Steps For Manifesting The Life You Want

Lots of individuals are scared of having too much wealth, because they confuse a healthy love for money with greed or arrogance. A healthy love of money is the exact same as the love of flowers, automobiles, chocolate ice cream, your family pet, family, good old friends, or anything else in this wonderful universe that makes life worth living. Simply put, the reflection principles of the power of manifestation proves to us that ‘like draws in like.’ We are all like magnets, bring in those things that we believe, feel and see inside our consciousness on a consistent basis.

Discover Your Purpose – 10 Tips

Picasso said, “The meaning of life is to discover your gift, and the purpose is to give it away.” This article provides ten tips to help you explore your gift.

Life Doesn’t Happen To You, It Happens Irrespective Of You – How To Embrace The Process Of Life

When you’re faced with a problem, it may seem the circumstances are deliberately happening to you. It is difficult to step away from the problem and see it from a different perspective because you’re invested in it. When you seek a different viewpoint, you are able to step back from the drama. Psychologists talk about catastrophizing situations that are not as grim as they appear.

How Assertive Are You?

WHAT IS ASSERTIVENESS? The dictionary defines assertiveness as,’confidently self-assured’ a fairly good description of what most of us hope to be, confident and self-assured. The question always becomes am I assertive? Am I too assertive? Am I assertive to the point of being aggressive? No one wants to be known as aggressive just as they do not want to be known as a push over.

What I’ve Learned About Respect: Give It to Get It

I am a strong believer in the idea that respect for each other as human beings is an essential element of productive human relationships. It is natural for us to have different views on any given issue, but a lack of respect for the humanity of those holding divergent views is a formula for escalating conflict, unhealthy relationships, and societal gridlock. Our society is currently experiencing a breakdown in respectful discourse on important issues that threatens our ability to function. Mudslinging and personal insults have become the norm in political debates. Each of us must hold ourselves accountable to each other for advocating and personifying respectful behavior.

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