10 Minute Meditation For Everyone (Guided Meditation)

Men at Age Fifty-Five

You are unobservant if you think there are no differences between men who are fifty-four and those who are fifty-five. One long year is enough for a person to change both in body and in mind. On a daily basis the changes are hard to notice; nevertheless, they add up quickly.

Finding Your Own Purpose

I believe that our purpose in life is to help, heal, and serve others. Moreover, the focus on those things that you love, those things that make your heart happy, and the opportunity to complete others by completing yourself are the things that bring meaning to life. Everyone needs to have a purpose in their life in order to feel harmony with yourself and have the feeling of fulfillment in your life. Your self-purpose doesn’t have to be rooted in your job. In fact, it can be something you do outside of work. It is whatever gives your life purpose. Starting points in this journey of self-discovery and fulfillment begins with these questions: • Why do you do what you do? • Do you do what you do for yourself? Or for others? Or just for the paycheck? • What do you give most of your attention to?

11 Work-Life Balance Tips Women Can Take From Men

Times have changed for women and men. It has been decades now that women have been juggling work and home life, but more than ever now, men are, too. Below are 11 key points I walked away with from this segment that women can implement into their lives. Awareness is Key We should be aware in order to avoid creating negative habits. For instance, we don’t always have to be the best mother, leader or spouse, we can make mistakes. We just need to be aware of our hiccups and adjust our actions. If you are not aware that you are being hurtful, this behavior may become habit, which can impact balance in all areas of your life. Have Mentors Have more than one mentor. In any vertical of life, you need a mentor. You need to know who you can reach out to when it comes to struggles you are having with family, business, health, finances or spirituality. It is not always the same person. Be sure to identify who you can reach out to in the various sectors of your life. And, it is okay to re-open old connections.

What’s Your Personal Growth Plan? A Guide To Fix What’s Wrong in Your Life

Accomplishment is knowing your purpose in life. But there’s more to it than that; there are people who know their purpose in life but they’re still not successful. People need a personal growth plan to help them reach their maximum potential and fulfill God’s plan for their life. It’s not only knowing what they should do; it’s about growing in that area to make best use of and highlight the things that they do well. That’s continual personal growth.

Finding Loving Companionship

People are ultimately interested in only one thing; one’s own personal happiness through unity, never mind with God, it’s enough to be with other human beings. If one looks at the things one does, even to acquire a nice house, car or clothing, everything is based on looking good to other people so we will not be alone.

Motivation, Determinism and Free Will

In their research paper ‘Job satisfaction: Environmental and genetic components’, RD Arvey et. al. put satisfaction (which is effectively motivational satisfaction) down to 70% environmental factors, and so only 30% to genetic influences. These are approximate figures but it would seem reasonable, therefore, to assume that the personality probably accounts for about 30% of an individual’s motivation, and the self-concept and their expectations the remaining 70%. This is a good working assumption to make (and not least because it means we are not determined wholly by our genes – a belief itself that has important ramifications) but it needs also to be borne in mind that for some people these numbers will look wildly different. For example, the kind of person who has never engaged in any personal development or serious introspection, who has hardly been exposed to positive life experiences and success, is likely to be far more motivated by the raw components of their personality than by their developing self-concept and their advancing expectations. In such a situation the attitudes as well as the motivations of the individual are likely to be ‘locked’, or fixed, and they will experience change as threatening and difficult.

Message From the Universe: Self-Consciousness and Existentialism

How to allow yourself to experience a better life? Start by allowing positive thoughts entering your mind and soul. Forget the how it will happen and focus on what you need to do to expedite the process. We all have a mission to accomplish so by focusing on that mission instead of looking at what others do, you won’t be achieving much in life. Work on yourself and the rest will follow.

Message From the Universe: BelievING Is EverythING

If you want your thoughts to become the things you dream about every day, start putting some action to your thoughts and believe they will happen. Without proper belief in yourself, there is no way you will succeed. No one will ever believe in you the way you do so why not put some faith in yourself? Why not trust that you will make things happen and bring your dreams to reality? The choice is yours.

Being a Corporate Warrior in a Modern World

In a modern world we’re too focused on achievement. Without a strong value system, achievement will feel empty. Learn how you can become a corporate warrior and live more purposeful…

Learn the Power of Becoming a True Stoic Male

What does it means to become a Stoic? Does it means not showing emotions? How courageous are you in the face of death. If you need to be a Stoic, you will have to throw away the old you, and embrace an strong leadership attitude

Difference Between Mindfulness and Meditation

Meditation, from my perspective, is all about creating a space for the ritual of stopping, slowing down the breathing and concentrating on something like a word, sentence, a candle burning or listening to music. These, and other things, all aim to stop the ‘thinking mind’. The practice of meditation is something you stop and DO as an action. Mindfulness, from my perspective, is about being aware of what is happening in a moment of time. It is a state of BEING. This is something that needs years of practice to live in constantly, knowing we can develop this over time. For example, whilst watering the garden or blanking the mind to nothing and just being present in the moment without any thought. Sometimes whilst having a cup of coffee or a meal, by focussing on the moment of enjoyment, without the extra thoughts that tend to arise in one’s silence, is another way to be in a ‘being’ state.

Dreaming Ahead 15 of 365

Playing multiple chords in your life is important. We have so much that we can accomplish in this life that sometimes it is hard to organize it. Organization is something that my wife has taught me. The importance of organizing our lives is important. This article will give a few examples of how we can organize our lives so that we can touch each part of the life that we wanted. Read this if you want to take actions to organize your life in the way that you have been dreaming.

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