10 Minute Meditation for Connecting with Your Spiritual Self

Is Competition Chipping Away at Your Soul?

While business students are taught that competition is great for business, it is possible for competition to be taken to another level that can be toxic. On one hand, competition is good for business, because it gives business owners an earmark, so they can know whether or not they are keeping up with the best in their field, and whether or not they are being successful.

Holly Madison – Your New Personal Development Role Model?

It’s been awhile since I wrote an personal development article and strange as I may seem, the inspiration for today’s was a Playboy Bunny! Strange indeed…

A Blessing Foretold

You’re awake. You don’t know why you are awake, but something isn’t right. Someone is missing.

Facing Your Fears Even When You Don’t Think You Can

We all have fears. Facing your fears can be scary. How do you face your fears? Do you look fear in the eye and dare it to stare back? Or do you run and hide in the emotional closet when fear sets upon you?

How to Respect Your Own Beauty

True self-acceptance is a beautiful thing, and it’s reflected in your physical presence. You radiate what you’re feeling about yourself. And, that’s how you’ll be perceived by others.

Destiny And Living With Purpose

As we walk through life, sometimes we fumble and lose our way; we neglect to choose the right path or follow our destiny. How do we know when this happens? We know when we find ourselves living a life that is empty and shallow of purpose and we find ourselves withdrawn from life; when we are wondering where we went wrong and if this is all there is.

Get Rid of Your Limiting Beliefs Once and for All!

Limiting beliefs are negative thoughts and ideas that are stored within your subconscious mind. These beliefs are mostly gained from your childhood and life-long experiences. They are said to be limiting because they somehow affect your personal growth and success in a negative way. To help you overcome your negative beliefs, simply follow these basic guidelines to get rid of them for good!

The Benefits of Constant Journaling

Thank heavens for journaling and people who journal. If it weren’t for journals, most of human history might possibly be lost permanently. All of us owe a lot of our own understanding of our ancestors and forefathers and also the world prior to us to the people who spent the time to produce records inside their journal.

Reality And Our Perception Of It

When we let go of our ideas of the world around us, we begin to see what is really there. When we open ourselves up to what is real, we begin to live the life we are really living.

Self Improvement: Where to Focus

It may seem a bit obvious, but the first focus of self improvement should be on oneself. As obvious as that may sound, very few people actually understand what this means. If everyone understood this simple concept, this world would have many more outstanding citizens.

What If the Other Person Is Wrong?

We have all had incidents in life where we seem to be to blame–where we feel our shortcomings or deficiencies were the culprit in the situation. But this article answers the question: what if the other person is wrong?

Learning To Trust In Direct Connections

“Observe the direct connections between trust and the serendipitous events that follow.” –Alan Cohen. I have tried to take this quote to heart, and I have learned there is a lot of truth in it.

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