10 Minute Meditation for Beginners

Wandering the Golden Path of Healed Emotions

There are ample opportunities to reflect in the work I’m presently doing. One location my work takes me to is my place of residence in 1975 – a bygone era that is patchy by memory. As I drove into this area recently there was something incredibly emotional going on within me; a sort of giddy excitement because of the mysteries represented in the anticipated reuniting of me with my memories. Never does this drive become banal. It’s always filled with a mind in the eternality of the experienced past.

7 Methods For Developing Your Intuition

Why do a few of us appear to have better intuition than others? Maybe you believe that you lack intuition entirely. Your mind is continuously giving you feedback. You’re either not receiving the message or you’re misinterpreting the signs. When you’re uncertain about how to proceed, your intuition can supply valuable feedback. It’s a mistake to only count on logic when you have other tools at your disposal. Give your intuition the opportunity to serve you as it’s intended.

Youthfulness and Restlessness – Why Are They Inseparable?

Ever felt like there was so much needed to be done and soaked into glory of the idea? Why are we so restless? Why can’t we just stop and be still?

Life Is an Incredible Compilation of Purposeful Lessons – Seek Your Life Purpose in Earnest!

Life is an incredible place where we create our own version of reality; enjoy this place; the next place will take care of you with the same energy and intensity that you put into your current reality. Let your next plane of existence have fewer lessons to learn and more space for learning new things!

How to Wiggle Out of the Mud! – 17

Make a List of Ten – Getting something done usually starts with a list. Wives make “honey-do-lists” for their husbands and “to-do” lists are a staple on every busy person’s desktop.

When Desire Meets With Faith, Synchronicity Shows Up And The Doors Open

Last year when writing my book I enquired to see where Hay House was situated and was surprised to find they have an office in Carlsbad, California. As I investigated this unfamiliar place on the net I became attracted to it. Strangely enough it reminds me of my home town here by the beach. As corny as it may sound I felt a ‘calling’ and I began thinking about the possibility of moving to Carlsbad (very rarely do I do things by halves). Before long I began to meet people who knew Carlsbad and the way was shown.

5 Indications That You’re A Perfectionist

Perfectionism has to do with avoiding feelings of embarrassment and insufficiency. By being perfect, you have approval to not feel bad about yourself. However, you never really feel great about yourself either. Perfectionists aren’t trying to accomplish something excellent. They’re trying to prevent something unfavorable.

4 Effective Ways to Stop Any Bad Habit

Anything that hinders your joy in life is a problem and needs proper attention. Some of us have developed characters that undermines our growth. These characters may develop even without our knowledge.

Stop Being a Superwoman

Women are always under constant pressure to please everyone around them at home or in their workplace.But is it really required? This situation can be changed for sure only if they want.

More Blessed, Less Stressed

Recently I found myself offering words of encouragement to my nephew and his bride in advance of their upcoming wedding. What interested me was that the words were very similar to suggestions I’d made to a client upon the completion of some work together. I had to stop and think about that. Was I really saying the same thing in these very different settings? I was. And when I looked more deeply, I saw how the suggestions suited both circumstances. My intent was to offer support in both cases, and the applications are limitless. Like Don Miguel Ruiz’ Four Agreements, they are guides to peace and quality of life–medicine for our volatile and stress-inducing world.

Overcoming Fear – 3 Top Tips

Arguably the biggest barrier to our own personal success is fear. Fear of the unknown, uncertainty about what is going to happen in the future, fear of making a mistake, of losing face, of being different from the crowd, of losing money and being poor, fear of failure and fear of reaching beyond that which we would normally find comfortable. This article looks at 3 top tips for overcoming fear.

Top 10 Ways to Make Your Day Better

You can make you day better everyday by some simple practices. Here are top 10 ways that make your day better and feel better.

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