10 Minute Meditation for Before You Sleep

When We Connect With The ‘Sameness’ In Everyone The Differences Disappear

For over two decades I have been working and meeting with new people and bit by bit I have found that through the power of presence we go beyond the differences and discover the similarities. And from this connection or oneness natural or faith healing can take place. This is real freedom.

The Secret To Living Life Without Regrets

Regrets arise when you live less than what you are capable of. It signifies going against the tide of your inner wisdom, essential to your personal growth. Regret serves as a reminder your actions are not purposeful and a clearer intent is required. “Regret is one of the most powerful emotional reminders that change and growth are necessary. In fact, I’ve come to believe that regret is a kind of package deal: A function of empathy, it’s a call to courage and a path toward wisdom,” affirms author Brene Brown in Rising Strong.

Reasons Why Your Memory Isn’t Enough

If you’re beyond a certain age, you’ve already realized that you can’t and shouldn’t rely on your memory as the only thing to remind you of what needs to be done. Rare is the photographic memory in people and I’m not sure it works on your internal to-do list anyway. There’s simply no substitute for writing down what needs to be remembered more than a few minutes.

Message From the Universe: It’s Not All About Being Book Smart!

You may be good at school, have straight A’s, not do much in school to have a 4.0 GPA but the reality of life is not based on what you learn IN SCHOOL, but what you experience in LIFE. You see, you may be smart when browsing through your academic years in life but when it comes to being street smart, you freeze and do stupid things. Computing a mathematical equation won’t help during difficult times when you deal with the adversities of life, but knowing how to find a quick solution is what’s most needed during that time. Learn OUTSIDE the classroom and focus more on your experiences, versus what you read in theory.

A Path to the Self – Three Ways to Create Balance in Love

You are worthy of love. You have a basic right to love and be loved. With a balanced center you can express love for yourself and others.

Strategies That Will Change Your Life

This article will go over specific strategies on how you can change your life. These changes are simple and yet for some reason are difficult for people who have grown into the habits that got them to exactly where you are right now. If you are completely happy and want no changes in life, then this article is not for you. If you question why you couldn’t or don’t have something, then read this article because you will have a shot no matter what age you are to change your life for the positive.

Top Medical University – The Best Source To Provide Several Key Features For Self Improvement

Interest plays an important role in one’s life for self improvement. Each activity from Airbrushing to Acting, from Cooking to Sewing, from Dancing to Singing, from Reading to Writing, from Painting to Fishing, from Wrestling to Boxing, etc. need interest in order to complete all such activities in a successful way. In short, interest towards our work is very necessary for a successful life. Education also plays a crucial role in order to make a successful life. There are majorly two types of courses, including, medical and non-medical. Most of the students prefer medical education from top medical universities. Indeed, such best medical university provides several key features, like Personal Growth, Positive Attitude, Achievement, Leadership, Self -dependent, etc. for a successful life.

How to Wiggle Out of the Mud! – 18

Learn the Laws of the Farmer – Over one hundred years ago my grandfather homesteaded on a quarter section of land near Deer Trail, Colorado. On his treeless high-prairie land about 50 miles east of Denver he built a sod hut for him and his horse, then planted a crop of pinto beans and awaited his first harvest.

9 Character Traits That Facilitate Joy And Success

There are certain character qualities that would benefit you tremendously if you took the time to establish them. Consider individuals you appreciate the most in the present and from the past. How would you describe them? Could you adopt the very same characteristics that make them so successful and exceptional?

Why We All Seek CLOSURE

Every individual faces some challenges, obstacles, unhappiness, difficulties, etc, at some points during his life. Our personal growth and self – development stems from these situations, and how we react to them, and then go on with our lives. Most of us have met someone, who constantly harks upon, some unhappy chapter in his life, and haven’t you ever felt like saying to this individual, Get on with it.

Develop Powerful Self Development Beliefs

You’re going to need more than just water and bread along to become your very best. You’re going to need some encouragement from the right people especially those closest to you. When you’re in a process of becoming you’re going to need the motivation and drive from the right people.

Listen and Learn

The benefits of good listening skills are significant. Everyone loves a good listener and one invariably learns a lot by listening, including who is worth listening to! People will open up and sometimes say the darndest things and all we have to do is be there and show that we are paying attention. It is ironic that saying and (mostly) doing nothing is such a vital component of relationship-building. Yet listening is the foundation of bonding; silently, one demonstrates empathy, telegraphs that another human being matters and creates rapport. Fortunately, the art of listening can be learned.

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