10 Minute Meditation for Becoming Attractive Energetically

Boundaries – Gotta Love ’em!

Today I’m going to talk about everyone’s most favorite topic – boundaries. What? It’s NOT your favorite? Truth be told, it’s not mine either. Still, being able to know your boundaries and understand why they are a crucial part of taking care of yourself is key to getting what you want and need.

Men and Divorce: Five Tips for Divorcing With Grace

Divorce is one of the most challenging developmental transitions. Men in particular, tend to have fewer resources for support and are less likely to utilize resources. This can leave men feeling isolated and prone to depression and anxiety as a result. This article offers suggestions to men on how to better navigate divorce.

How I Struggled With Loneliness Brought on by Mental Health Problems

A short glance at the life of a person’s struggle with mental problems. I’m an obsessive-compulsive, retired and glad to have finally realized the nature of my illness.

When Change Really Hurts

When imposed change – change we have not chosen ourselves – hits us, it can really hurt. We often experience feelings of loss, hopelessness, being powerless, worried that we can’t count on anything and overwhelmed by the need to adapt to new demands. But we can adapt and move from powerlessness to control-it’s a daunting journey, but the right path to take in times of change.

A Surprise Encounter: The Hidden Gift of Overcoming Prejudice

Prejudice is probably not something that can be overcome once and for all. However it can be a useful exercise to take another look at how we think and feel about others. I recently had an inspiring encounter with a man that made me realise how little I can depend on my automatic judgement of another person and so miss the message they might have for me.

Animals in Dreams

Animals often appear in our dreams and can bring deep meaning and insights into what is happening in both our conscious waking life and our soul life. Each animal carries its own qualities, traits and symbolism providing further meaning to other symbols within the dream. Within this article I have endeavoured to share two of my animal dreams along with how I interpreted them as a living example of not only how animals may appear in dreams but also how to interpret the meaning of their appearance.

Horse Dreams

Horses are quite a common symbol to appear in dreams, but what does their appearance mean? This article explains what horses and brumbies mean in dreams and how the physical condition of the horse is a vital piece of information that reflects your personal power.

Dream Worker’s Tip: Write First – Analyse Second

It is a common trait at all stages of a dream worker’s development to start analyzing what a dream means before writing it down. It is best to avoid the trap for it can lead to misinterpretation of your dream.

Dreaming of Swans: The True Beauty and Power Within Self!

Swans are such beautiful and graceful birds that can show up in our dreams as a symbol for the inward reflection needed to discover our true beauty. Seeing the truth of who we are fosters greater self-love and that acceptance of self rides upon the wings of the swan into our dreamscape.

Obscure Dream Symbols Deliver Deeper Meaning to Dreams

It benefits us to learn about a wide variety of topics as this greatly expands the options we have for interpreting dream symbols. Imagine knowing the stories from every religion, all the myths and legends from every culture, all the archetypes…

The Problem With Rags To Riches Stories

We’ve all heard the Rags-to-Riches stories of people rising to amazing levels of success from incredibly challenging places: bankruptcy, homelessness, drug addiction, depression, disease, and hardships of all kinds. These can be very inspiring. However, are they applicable to the less sensational, more typical, average life – like the one most people are living?

Part of Finding Your Passion Is Recognizing Your Talents: Here’s a Simple Talent Detection Exercise

Most of us work against ourselves because we never take the time to assess what our strengths and talents are. This is a big part of not only finding your passion, but effectively working towards it. This following simple test can help you shave years off the road to success, by helping you to recognize – and tap into – those things you’re naturally good at that can be developed into strengths. You see, when you develop – and marry — your natural talents with your honed strengths, the possibilities truly are endless, professionally and personally.

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