10 Minute Meditation for Anxiety (Guided Meditation)

How to Be the Best YOU and Work Toward Your Dreams and Goals

Is the past holding you back from working toward your dreams and goals? Are you ready to throw in the towel? Before you give up, read this first.

Four Effective Ways to Improve Self Control

Self-control is the ability to subdue our impulses in order to achieve longer-term goals rather than responding to immediate impulses. Instead we plan, evaluate and often avoid doing things we’ll regret later. The ability to exert self-control is typically called willpower, which allows us to direct our attention toward goals. And, therefore, it underlies all kinds of achievement.

Is Being Right Always Right?

While we have been educated and rewarded for being right, there is a dark side to that mindset. In many cases, being right means that someone else is wrong. Making others wrong comes with a price. It can even stifle our innovative spirits. This article explores that trap. And offers another possibility.

Are You Self-Aware?

Self-awareness is having a high degree of understanding about yourself. It’s awareness of your habits, emotional tendencies, needs, desires, strengths, and weak points. Having a high level of self-awareness is a powerful tool. It permits you to alter your life better, given that you know how you tick. Those that do not have self-awareness often find life to be frustrating.

A Helpful Quick Guide To Self-Discipline

Self-discipline appears to be the thing that everybody else has. Few are lucky enough to be so self-motivated that self-discipline isn’t necessary. Self-discipline is the ability to do something that you don’t feel like doing. We each have a restricted supply, but we can grow our capacity for self-discipline with time.

How HR Persons or Recruiters Can Enhance Their Skills With Social Intelligence

Social intelligence can enrich the repertoire of HR persons by helping them decipher people’s real emotional-states through observing nonverbal cues. Its a valuable tool for hiring, appraisal or even exit interviews.

How To Avoid Toxic People And Relationships

Some of the individuals you meet in life can end up being quite a drag due to their negativity. This can suck the energy out of you and hamper your growth. That is why it is a good idea to avoid negative people. Here is how you can go about it without the whole process blowing up in your face.

Secret Healing Power Of Archetypes

It is important to know what triggers emotions and reactions in individuals. The deeper understanding people have of themselves and others, the more likely they will be able to live healthy and successful lives.

Message From the Universe: Keep It When You Find It!

Assume responsibilities for your own actions. Stop pointing fingers at everybody else for what you’ve done. It’s no one elses fault except yours. It is important for you to realize that everything you do in your life will have long term repercussion, which can either be good or bad. Focus on how you can help others and everything will come together like a puzzle. Do not worry about how you will make it, as the Universe already has that plan.

Live The Life You Choose

This article will give you specific techniques you can use to begin living the life that you choose instead of reacting to situations. It is ever becoming important as we get older to begin to focus on a certain subject and following through. This can be finances, your body or relationships. You have the choice to now live a certain way so that you no longer have to worry about being reactionary.

Turn Off Your Television And Turn On Your Creative Powers

Having a goal and keeping it in view is important for individuals in difficult situations. You only owe so much to family and the work you do. You might want to sit down and really think about the future you envision for yourself. Putting in writing the life you see yourself living a few years down the road can be helpful.

How to Wiggle Out of the Mud! – 19

Think About What You Think About – The trip to Santa Monica (California) Beach was supposed to be fun; but for this six-year-old boy from Colorado, it was not. I had never seen an ocean, did not know how to swim, and after I waded a few steps into the gentle waves discovered I never wanted to go there again.

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