10 Minute Meditation for a Relaxed Mind & Body

Benefits of Training – Get Connected To the Global IT Market With Microsoft Training

There are various benefits of training in Microsoft products. This kind of training can lead to opportunities which are global in nature and offer unlimited options for employment and business. The benefits of training in Microsoft products include:

Make a Difference With Something Used

We all have things around our home that we do not use. Perhaps it is something big or small. It may be valuable financially or emotionally or neither. While you do not use it, you hate to “just get rid of it” but there is an alternative.

Why So Many People Are Going On The Self Discovery Journey

It’s time to forget what other people tell you about how hard life is supposed to be and create the life you’ve always wanted. It’s easy when you know how and you can start creating your perfect life today.

Counseling Or Therapy: Is There a Difference?

Data from the National Institute of Mental Health suggests that about 52 million Americans suffer from a significant psychological disorder, but that only eight percent undergo treatment. In other words, one in five American men and women has an emotional disorder that goes untreated with counseling or therapy.

Feelings Are the Only Things That Matter

A recent article in a newspaper spoke about a wooden plank crashing down on a man’s head in a railway station, and sending him into a coma. While the public did what they could to help the man, railway officials, practically washed their hands off the whole matter, saying it was not their business. How often have we been witnesses to traumatic incidents and simply walked away, either callously, or because ‘if we help we may be questioned by the police” or “forget him, we’ll be late for work.

How Watching the News CAN Help Change the World

Since becoming more and more into believing in positive energy and that our thoughts become our reality, I have been trying to stay away from negative energy, i.e. watching the news. Like many of you, I feel that the media only shows us what is wrong in the world and is really fear based. I end up feeling scared and anxious as a result. So I basically decided to cut myself off from it. The consequence of this is that I often don’t know what is going on in the world, and this can come across a little ignorant…

Constantly Improving Your Body and Mind for a Healthier Lifestyle

If you just want to feel better every day, it all starts by improving your body and mind. Even if you look great and feel great, the tips we give you today can still help. All you have to do is utilize each one of them and we know you will enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Control Your Life With a Positive Change

More than ever we need a positive change to control our lives. We live in a world that can be changed if we could only want to, it is a matter of deciding when to start and make that positive turn in your own life.

Does the Feeling of Not Having Enough Brains Hold You Back From Success?

One of the most common barriers in our success is the feeling of inadequacy or incompetence. Primarily, these feelings stem from how we feel about our own intelligence. Somewhere in the 90% of us feel that we aren’t “bright enough” or that we are too dumb and/or stupid to succeed in life.

It’s Time to Fly

Personal growth, as difficult as it may be, is one of the most beautiful experiences of our life. Human transformation is very much like that of the emergence of the butterfly.

Tips For Appreciating The Process Of Personal Growth

Many people focus on the end result, rather than on the process that has led them to be the person they are today. But as Confucius said; “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” To begin, a “process” is a link that results in an end, in other words, the end justifies the means.

Tips On Winning Friends And Influencing People

Making friends, and influencing people becomes much easier when you understand the golden rule that you can learn something from everybody that you interact with. We all think the world of ourselves, and think we are capable and highly intelligent human beings. Having a healthy dose of self-esteem about ourselves is great, but we must never stop learning from others.

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