10 Minute Meditation for a Positive Life Development

What Does a Thought Have in Common With a Lion?

The reality is we unconsciously create our physical dysfunctions by thinking thoughts that automatically trigger fight or flight reactions in our bodies. It’s therefore clearly in our best interests to develop the ability to remain truly “conscious” in all circumstances we encounter in our lives.

Here’s Why You Must Embrace Adversity

How do you handle adversity? When things don’t go your way or a difficult situation arises for you, do you get angry, down in the dumps, or perhaps blame someone or something for it happening to you? Or, do you give what’s happening some consideration so you can figure out why it took place? If you’d like to know more about why adversity takes place in your life and your best approach to rising above it, I invite you to read this article. It’s an eye-opener for many of us.

How Dangerous Is It to Compare Yourself to Others?

The web makes it so easy… All you need is a few minutes on Facebook or Twitter to see how much fun people are having, how they’re spending all of the money they’re making, and how they’re getting married to fabulous people and having adorable kids. The problem comes when you start comparing yourself to everyone else. Here’s why this is such a dangerous habit.

How Success-Ready Are You?

Searching for success always needs preparation. You have to prepare yourself physically, mentally, and, in most cases, monetarily. Success rarely comes easy. It always comes with a price. Along the way you will encounter severe difficulties that will sorely test your patience, your perseverance, your tenacity and your resources…

Navigating Life’s Twists and Turns

Staying on track can be tricky on a challenging journey. Use these practical tips to prevent hidden hazards from stopping you cold.

Women’s Empowerment Is an Inside Job

Empowerment is the strength of a woman in relation to her environment. But what about emotional health and well-being? How can we shift fear into love, and start living the life of our dreams?

The Need to Reinvent Ourselves

We all have our own “package” of education, knowledge, hobbies or beliefs that we try to nurture throughout life. There’s no doubt that we tend to practice our hobbies more in young age as we tend to be busier later in life with work, family and raising kids, having thus less “me time”.

Five Ways to Nurse Your Ego to Health

I am sure you have heard or met people with, “a bruised ego,” or their egos “trampled upon or beaten to death.” You may even be one of them. Mine has been beaten so many times I’ve stopped counting.

Commitment and Understanding Your Boundaries

Do you know any flakey friends? Keep giving men second chances? This is the article for you. Learn what non-committal behaviour means, and what lessons you can learn from this.

Emotional Freedom – How to Free Yourself From Pain

Physical pain is obvious. The good news from this is that it can serve as a handy model for understanding emotional pain, dissipating it and finding emotional freedom.

It’s Not that You Can’t

If I were to ask you right now to tell me something big and bold that you would like to do, you may think of some amazing ideas. But when I’d tell you to go do them, you’d often tell me you can’t. Why? And what can you do about it?

Notice Without Judgment

Healing begins with the “witness observer.” Learn to notice your thoughts, feelings, and sensations without judgment.

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