10 Minute Meditation for A New Passion for Life

When Does Change Happen In Our Lives?

True change is really difficult to accomplish in our lives. We wake up one morning and decide that we are going to change something in our lives. We make a commitment, right? We sign up for that gym membership, throw away that last pack of cigarettes, or start looking for another job. But then what happens? A few weeks later we are back to doing the same old same old. Why didn’t anything change? I have a few ideas!

Tips to Be Assertive – The Next Step for Self-Improvement

Assertiveness is being forthright and putting your foot down on what you think is logically right. As an assertive person you are clear and crisp about what you want and what you do not want. You fearlessly put forth your points, even if you stand alone with your views. Here are some ways to help you be definitive.

52 Success Habits to Achieve Anything You Want!

#1. Be grateful for what you have. #2. Live in the present, enjoy every moment.

Qualities of a Great Leader – Do You Have These Qualities?

There are many good leaders, but only a few are deemed great. Good leaders are respected, but great leaders are remembered, becoming an undying inspiration and model to the many aspirants of each new generation.

Lessons for Life From Driving

Wise men say that there are lessons for us all around, and that we have to keep our eyes and heart open to receive them. It is often when the mind is calmed through the fixing of attention that we become receptive to knowledge from without as well as wisdom from within. Driving has been a great teacher to me, and here are three important lessons that I have learnt from this teacher.

Self-Improvement and Personal Growth

Self-improvement and personal growth are like the sunshine of the day and the moon at night. They are indispensable yet are taken for granted. One needs to hone the approach to betterment of these to get the real benefit from them. Social success depends on the way you are able to deploy yourself; you have to keep control of the situation knowing that it all depends on time and situation.

From Damaged Goods to Self Discovery

Self-discovery will be the major component in getting engaged in the Tri-Mental Fitness program. It is the process of going deeper into your inner self to see what could make your everyday life easier; it is willing to open up closets for those secrets to escape and vanish; it is letting go of the past; it is the desire to look below the iceberg to discover a “better you” and not be afraid of a little pain in order to gain insight and, thus, freedom from the prison of our own making.

Stop Pushing My Buttons

WHAT, WHY, WHERE, WHEN AND WHO of it all. The Top Ten – and you can probably add more.

New Year Reading 2013

The idea that a Divinity exists for the wishes and requests, sometimes even revenges, of humanity has not stood up to testing, or to truth, because it is not that way. Your Divinity is not for wishes, or for an attempt to control all that which you wish to control. You should have given up on that idea of Divinity a long time ago, simply from noticing that it does not work. It does not matter what path you follow, how disciplined you are, how hard you work, or any tricks or techniques you practised, you must have noticed that no matter what you do or how good you are, you cannot make life do what you wish it to do, or avoid it doing what you would prefer it not to.

Go Ahead and Live

Because of circumstances around them, many people are on hold, hoping and waiting. They should be present in the present. They should go ahead and live. They should unpack their lives and get on with life.

Remove Obstacles

By now, you’ve heard it a dozen times that the way to accomplish your goals and realize your dreams is to get clear about what you want and then go for it. Easier said than done. That’s usually the cue for our inner Gremlins to creep inside our head and begin to trash talk us until all we want to do is curl up into the fetal position. Unfortunately, many people listen to their inner critic and believe what they hear. They stay stuck and play small. But it is possible to move past the roadblocks that stand in your way and overcome the obstacles once and for all. Here are some common obstacles and how to avoid them.

Tapping Into the Grid

The notion of home is far stronger than a household or a piece of land, or even a sense of tribal or cultural identity. When human beings fight or grieve over those things they are fighting or grieving over something very significant to the human soul, but far deeper than location or land or culture or family.The notion of home can be associated with deep rest, with deep peace, and also with the sense of being taken care of. And that is very much what we wish to bring you here.

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