10 Minute Meditation for A Clear Mind

Stop Trying To Get Ahead

There are times when we feel like others are getting the best things in life. They get the promotions. They get the bigger house. They drive the nicer cars. Their children make good grades and appear to do the right things. We may wonder why we don’t have the nicer things in life especially since we are living like God wants us to.

Men’s Image

If you want to be successful, then knowing Men’s Image and how it affects your life is vital information to glean. This article is about size. The Thin Man, The Heavy Man, The Athletic Man and the Perfect Man! No, there is no perfect man or woman….just people who know how to plan a successful image.

Can a New Twist on Affirmations Change Your Life?

Do affirmations work for you? If NOT- try this! Learn a new way to think differently to create the life you want!

Hidden Dream Messages Are Found In The Details – Tips To Recording Greater Detail Of Your Dreams

Hidden dream meanings can be found in the details of the dream symbols. While dream symbols will lead you to an interpretation of your dream the details of the symbol will open entire worlds of new possibility. Tips are provided in this article for recording more detail from your dreams to help you extract the deeper messages and hidden meanings of your dreams.

Life Experiences Are Most Important Education

Have you ever wondered why certain extremely intelligent and well educated individuals, with impressive advanced degrees, often appear to be somewhat ignorant, continuously making decisions that appear incredulous? Simply explained, there is a big difference between “book smarts” and “street smarts,” and while people may be well educated, it doesn’t always make them smart. Paul Simon addressed that fact in his song “Kodachrome,” with the verse, “But my life of education hasn’t hurt me none.

Wisdom – A Lost Pearl?

The world we live in today is a fast-paced, result-driven engine that has no time to stop and ponder about its direction. Individuals are caught up in daily routines targeted at achieving success; The definition of which has been prescribed by society as “wealth measurable in monetary terms.” Perhaps, it is time to re-visit the subject of wisdom. Wisdom is the greatest wealth man can acquire. It is truly a pearl lost in the sea of modernity.

Dealing With Rejection

One of the most basic fears, and one of the most misunderstood. Many people fail to realize its potency and effect on their lives, and often fail to develop healthy attitudes towards this deep rooted fear; the fear of rejection.

Improving Your Self Image – How to Be More Positive

Everyone has dreams. These dreams float around in your head all the time. They surface when you see a picture, have a tough day, or just want something different in life. Yet, you still go about your daily life thinking that your dreams will never come true. Negative thinking will help make that come true. Positive thinking, on the other hand, helps you achieve your dreams and more.

Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About Yourself

Most of us think we are excellent authorities on ourselves and what motivates us to behave the way we do. I’m sure you think you make good decisions based on sound logic. You probably also think you know what’s best for your body. Well, I’m here to tell you today that you are wrong, wrong, wrong.

Are We There Yet? Lessons Learned From Kids

Kids aren’t the only ones asking “Are we there yet?” As adults, we do the same thing every time we want quick results. So how do we handle the question? Often the best answers come from observing our kids and learning from them.

You Do Not Have to Fear Failure

Failure is something everyone in life has experienced at one stage or another. The negative impact of failure in our lives can sometimes be so traumatic that it leaves us with an unhealthy fear of failure. The fear of failure can be so debilitating that it can hamper your progress in life. This article explores the of failure symptoms indicating that you may suffer from an unhealthy fear of failure and a suggestion on how to overcome it.

From Trauma To Celebration

Captain Sullenberger was on the Today show this morning along with two survivors of the crash in the Hudson river. The remnants of the plane were paraded down the streets of New York this past week.

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