10 Minute Meditation for a Calm Mind

Accepting Things As They Are, Not As You Wish Them to Be

The title of this post came from a 10-day silent meditation retreat I have attended in the past to practice a form of Buddhist meditation called Vipassana. Every night, we would watch a taped discourse by the founder of the center. This phrase made its way into the talks many times and I really began to think about it. Again, this is one of those simple things that are far from easy to implement for most of us because of our poor conditioning and lack of control over our minds. Accepting things as they are, not as you wish them to be. It has profoundly changed my life and while I sometimes lose sight of this, I am getting better and better at keeping it in my awareness at all times.

Emotions – Are They Running Dark?

See how powerful the alignment of planets can make in our daily lives, how they can change us from within and how they can help us with the healing process. Over the next three weeks we will be dealing with our dark emotions and seeing how they are just another part of who we are and want to be loved.

Do As I Say Not As I Do

In my youth, my parents and others always had a favorite saying when they told me to do something and I responded with, “you don’t do it, why should I.” They would respond with,”Do as I say, not as I do.” And of course they would always be reprimanded by someone chastising them for not setting a good example. As I grew older, it seemed to me the one uttering this absurd statement was being hypercritical, thus I would often discount what they were saying and the lesson there-in contained.

Abraham Lincoln and Doing What’s Right

Doing what’s right is the hardest thing of all. In the face of pressure, and ridicule, and threat of pain, we often do the easy thing. We succumb to the little voice in our heads that says we better do what’s safest, what’s simplest, what’s least likely to result in any great amount of trouble or significant amount of pain.

Celebrating Chinese New Year and Bringing in the New Soul Energy for 2012

Every year we go through a major shift of energy recognized in the west on New Year’s Day, January 1 and, in the east as Chinese New Year, which always falls on the first lunar new moon of the year. While both of these are like a reset button on your computer in which we can re-boot and start fresh again, they also have subtle differences.

Silence the Brainless Music in Your Car

Within five minutes of hitting for the first audiobook I’d ever heard, I was hooked. As much as I was fascinated with the depth of the experience of visualizing the story, I was excited about the solution to a nearly 30-year dilemma.

Change Your Belief System To Change Your Life

If you are looking for changing your life for the better, you should change your belief system before you do anything else. Often, this may be the only thing you need to do. If you have ever used an antenna to receive your television programs, you might have sometimes experienced that when your reception was not good, all you had to do was to reorient the antenna. When the antenna is reoriented correctly, crystal clear pictures would start flashing on your television screen.

10 Ways to Lessen Depression Symptoms

I know firsthand the highs and lows of depression. Here are 10 ways I help ease the symptoms of depression when I’m down.

How to Get a Promotion in Life

Many years ago while celebrating my birthday, I realized that life is special and so am I. Now, to be clear, I did not really understand completely what I was feeling at that exact moment, however I knew that God was with me and that he had a plan for my life.

Destiny Is a Choice Today

What is your definition of the term destiny? You hear a lot about the term but in most cases I think it is used incorrectly. You can’t just sit back and wait for some clandestine cloud to blanket your life with success or failure. You make your own success and you make your own failure. To learn more read this article.

Two Fundamental Beliefs To Ensure Your Success

Everyone wants success. But success eludes many people. Those who do not succeed in their endeavors often blame their failures on their luck. If our life is to be decided by luck, then we don’t have to make any efforts and allow luck to have its way. But you know that you can’t adopt such an attitude towards your life. Therefore, despite failures, you keep trying hoping to be successful in future.

How To Focus Your Mind

Our mind seems to wander on its own, seeming to escape our abilities to tame it. How do we go about harnessing our thoughts and controlling our mind so that we can be present? This is a very good question and one that many have tried to answer. But there is no one answer, for it really comes down to you, not the path others have taken. Very often our own patterns of thought are stuck on a very personal cycle, repeating in patterns only known to us. And this is the essential component in releasing your thoughts and calming your mind.

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