10 Minute Meditation for a Bright Future

Take What You Hate About Yourself And Use It To Your Advantage

I knew at a very young age I would eventually do something that utilized the one thing that got me in the most trouble. My mouth. I am outspoken but respectful, truthful yet kind, sarcastic but fun.

Abuse Dynamics After the Abusive Relationship – In You and Outside of You at the Same Time

Have you ever noticed, as a battered mother, how you have difficult regressive moments while with your previously estranged adult children? Read on to learn more about domestic violence recovery after an abusive relationship.

Is That Which Is Going On Around You That Boring?

I tend to meet with my clients in person, which means that I’m often out on the road meeting them in public places. Between clients, I’ll stop and catch up on my preparation, reading and planning by stopping at a local shopping mall. I was doing this the other day, when I glanced up from what I was preparing. In observing the scene around me, what registered I found flabbergasting.

Become Successful – Build Your Vocabulary in Three Easy Steps

Building your vocabulary should be viewed as an exciting and pleasurable task. By using the methods described in this article, you can accumulate tons of useful knowledge and have fun in the process.

Finding Success Using Personal Development Activities

Personal development activities can help you creating positive habits that can ensure more and better results from your efforts. Whatever course you need to take in the life-style change arena, most should be considered long-term and things or actions that will become part of your regular routine.

Lessons in Life and Gratitude

Nearby to my home lives a homeless woman. We sometimes call her the pigeon lady. She doesn’t look like a pigeon though.

The Hardest Part Of Moving On Is Letting Go

What you hold on to weighs you down. Whether it is a belief or a possession, a need or a desire, when you question what you are holding on to you will soon identify what you can let go.

How To Be Happy No – Loving Self

Nature is beautiful because it is at peace. What resonates within all beings when they observe a sunset or an eagle in the sky, is the lack of resistance that is found in nature. In order to find peace, beings must stop resisting the love of self. When you are ready to stop defending your position as a victim, you flow quite steadily up the emotional scale and begin freeing yourself mentally, emotionally and physically. The choice is yours. You can keep yourself rooted to where you are like a tree, or you can soar with the eagles.

The Dark Side of Us: Breaking Down Defence Mechanisms and Parallel Identities

Working on the premise that only love breaks down walls, I conclude that only self-love can attempt to bridge the gaps formed between our different personalities and their differing goals. The tragedy of this remedy stems from an innate inability to accept let alone reciprocate love and selflessness, as these two aspects trigger sites of trauma well-hidden and show-cased under a strong armour of strength and resilience. To know love is to give love, and yet the type of love required to bring about restorative power cannot be generated by faulty machinery.

The Sorrow at Bereavement – It Can Help Us Understand Our Life and the After-Life

Many issues of life can function as our teachers if we adopt an attitude of looking into them with the eagerness to understand what lies beyond the apparent. Reflection on the sorrow at losing a near and dear one can lead to a life of compassion.

Our Limits Of Challenge and Responsibility

Ever wondered about the limits of the challenges you can digest? And what you will do with the responsibility behind the challenges you take? This article will supply you with the information about the double edged sword of challenge.

More on Making a Good Impression

Before you go to your interview, be sure to research the company and what it does. Make sure that you know enough about the company to talk about it and sound knowledgeable.

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