10 Minute Meditation ~ Feel Your Inner Beauty

How Sexual Abuse Is Spiritual Abuse

Few people realize it, but your spirituality and sexuality are the two most sacred aspects of yourself. When you share with someone either of these, you are sharing in the deepest and most intimate level. Because they are connected to each other, when someone experiences sexual abuse, s/he also experiences spiritual violence.

Honesty – A Form of Respecting the Self and Others

Why is it so difficult to be honest in today’s world? Is it fear? Or ego?

How Comfort Zones Dictate Your Level Of Success

When people want to embark on a journey of personal development, they often find themselves stuck. It’s easy to point out what isn’t working in our lives, and it’s not difficult to decide we want to change it. The area most people struggle with is the desire to make changes, while remaining comfortable, or in their “comfort zone.”

Get Unstuck By Letting Go Of What You Can’t Control

What are the things in your life that you can’t control but that are holding you back? How long are you going to hold on to blaming your parents for the way you were brought up? Or blaming your boss for downsizing your position? How long are you going to hang on your anger over the way someone has control over you, or the fact that your spouse doesn’t like to do the same things that you do? The longer you hang on the longer you will stay stuck and unhappy.

Five Steps to Transform Negative Thinking (and Your Life)

Although your thoughts exert a powerful influence on your emotional and physical health. you do not have to feel powerless. Learn five steps you can take right now to improve and even transform your thinking.

Stop Procrastinating And Start Making Decisions

On an individual’s journey of self-discovery and personal growth there are many obstacles to overcome. Initially, many of these hurdles are invisible, we don’t even know that they exist, for example; so many people try to change other people because what those people do make them feel uncomfortable, rather than realising that it is so much easier to change themselves by either accepting the other person, rejecting the other person or changing their own personal point of view on why they are agitated by this person in the first place.

Can You Imagine Your Ideal Future?

Go on, dare to dream. It doesn’t hurt and it feels so good. “Your Imagination is your preview to life’s coming attractions” – Albert Einstein.

5 Key Areas of Personal Change

Whenever you attempt to change your lifestyle, you embark on embracing new ideas, thoughts, and behaviors. Personal change can involve transforming any area of your life, such as Spirituality, Health and Wellness, Financial Matters, Relationships, and Career.

A Square Bashing Sprog

I am going back to the early nineteen fifties in London, merry England; this is when I made a great, enlightening decision on the spur of the moment. At this time I was working as a clerk in the City of London, for a firm of solicitors, having left Grammar School a year or so earlier. It was not a particularly exciting occupation, but dear old Dad believed that at least I would be doing something and maybe go on to great things in the legal profession?

Mind Power Subconscious Programming – How It Runs Your Life

We may think we’re consciously in control – that the decisions and choices we make are made out of logic, using our reason and conscious experience – but the effect of mind power subconscious programming is incredible once you become aware of it. We’re actually running mostly on automatic – until we become aware.

Heredity Or Environment? Which One Is It?

Many people always question how much of a role heredity and environment plays a part in your success as a human being. There have been debates for years by psychologists which is more, if not all responsible for human being success.

Becoming Someone Else’s Critique

Did you ever participate in providing comments or suggestions with the end purpose of improving the other person, but not without some critique? Today, with so many marketing researches, performance review, and trips to the shopping centers, one can hardly avoid doing so. In fact, we are always faced with this everyday in our lives.

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