10 Minute Meditation ~ A Gift of a Smile

Are Your Mental Models on the High or Low Road?

Mental models are what we believe and hold to be true about life. They are our “software programming” that drives thinking, opinions, behaviors and outcomes. They affect us on all levels – personal, social, professional, organizational, national and global. The defining moment for challenging mental models occurs when the discussion focuses on the “desired outcome.” Clarity of mental models can best be achieved by examining gaps between what is desired and the outcome that actually occurs.

Why Being Different and Unique Helps All of Us to Grow

Embrace your differences as they will help a society to grow. Being unique should not be something that’s bad, but simply that, unique. Robotic thinking should be disallowed expect in robots.

The Breakup – Part 2

A man (usually mid thirties or more) may enter a male midlife crisis if he feels his masculinity threatened by a changing body shape, a decrease in male sexual function or by concerns about how people perceive him. These elements don’t have to lead to a relationship breakup, but the man who has little social and familial support may make imprudent choices that damage his work and family life. Many people blame the male midlife crisis on the decrease of testosterone that occurs naturally as a man enters middle age.

Pineal Gland and Third Eye

Your third eye is very real, and actually has a lens just like your two physical eyes. Come learn proven methods of opening your third eye.

The Gift of Growth: How to Recognize and Use Three Sources of Personal Growth

What compels us to grow and change? There are three sources of “gifts” that bring about our growth. Find out what they are and how to recognize and use what we are given.

3 Tips for Maximizing Your Talent in the Present Moment

Maximizing your talent in the present moment opens the door for other successes to come into your life. It is said that the grass looks greener on the other side, and that, in many cases, apply to looking at other people’s talents. Many times we think that what others have is better than what we have, not realizing that we’ve been endowed with the same natural abilities as well. The difference is that the successful person took the little that they had, saw the potential in it and decided to work with it bringing out the best that they could.

Could You Sell Your Soul For Praise, Fame or Power?

Historians have written about the rise of Nazi Germany and wondered how a civilized country could have become ruled by criminals trying to conquer Europe. At his trial one of the Nazi leaders Albert Speer felt despair at what had happened and his role in it. We might ask had he sold his soul in return for fame and power? Had we lived at that time how many of us would have bravely stood up to tryanny for the sake of humane and ethical considerations? How many of us would have fallen for a false ideal? Could we too have sold our souls?

The 8th Deadly Sin of Self-Improvement That Stops You Making Friends

There’s a common self-help sin that can paralyze you from making any progress. Are you making it? If you are, here’s how to overcome it.

Tame Your Attention to Live a Bigger Life

Where does your attention go? Is it a homing pigeon roosting in the trifling things that are “wrong”? Does it land on the gossipy or “dish the dirt”? Does it take you higher, to the “big picture”? G. K. Chesterton says, ” A weak mind is like a microscope which magnifies trifling things but cannot receive great ones.” Tame your attention and live a bigger life!

Interdependence: A Better Business Plan for Our Thirties

For most of us, our twenties were all about proving, mostly to ourselves, that we can make it on our own. Such independence was a source of pride. But as we enter our thirties we’re old enough to accept our faults and admit we can’t do it all alone. So it’s time to take on our next challenge: learning to accept the support of friends and family.

Stop Procrastination: 14 Lies Procrastinators Like to Tell

Hoping to stop procrastination? Procrastinators often tell lies. And even if unintentional, these lies damage their own self esteem and their relationships with co-workers and family. Here you’ll learn about 14 of the common lies that procrastinators tell.

Getting A Better Result

How do we get a better result in our lives? To answer this question, it is first important to ask yourself, what is it that you could do different in your life to get a better result?

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