10 Minute Manifestation Meditation


Danger Ahead: Extreme Responses to Loneliness

Everyone endures bouts of loneliness from time to time. They are usually short-lived because the causes are either social (broke up with their girl/boyfriend, got a divorce, had a fight with their best friend, etc.), or geographical (moved to another job, town, school, etc.

How Will You FIGHT On?

Few individuals pass through life unchallenged, or without confrontations, challenges, disappointments, or times when they might wonder if they want to continue their personal fight to move ahead and become better or more meaningful. We often have discussed how essential our persistence and perseverance are, and how those who possess these characteristics potentiate their effectiveness or ability to succeed. Margaret Thatcher put it this way, “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.

How Personal Growth Books Lead To Success

Every animate creation in the world possesses an inherent propensity for growth and development. Have you ever seen a flower blossoming and blooming in the garden? What a beautiful sight that is! Like a flower, men and women, too, possess the attitude to blossom and grow every day in our lives.

When Everything Happens For a Reason

A mantra often repeated nowadays when life goes south is that everything happens for a reason. Such a phrase has become a rite of passage when life hands us lemons. If there is a reason for all that transpires in our lives, what sense can we make of the universe we live in?

How One Man’s Strength May Be Another’s Weakness?

One of the greatest challenges faced by those who focus on optimizing and enhancing personal development is that it is often challenging, difficult or even counter – productive for us to generalize what might be the best course of action for others to pursue. Just like the adage that one’s man’s ceiling is another man’s floor. it is also true that there are times that not only might someone’s strength not be another’s, but in fact if certain people attempt to proceed like someone else, it may create far less than effective and meaningful results.

How To Develop Lasting Good Habits

Those who live with an abundance of healthy habits are usually known as heroes. The power achieved from having habits that affect your body and lifestyle are the ones that make you a winner – smarter, stronger and capable of facing challenges.

Mental Rehearsals Work!

Athletes rehearse mentally. Sales people rehearse mentally. And, public speakers rehearse mentally. If it works for them, it will work for you.

Reflection and the Learning Process

Reflection is an important part of the learning process. By observing and reflecting, then coming up with concepts and ideas, we make sense of our experiences and learn from them.

2 Easy Reasons Why You Should Make a Dream Board

2 easy reasons why you should make a dream board all begins with the subconscious mind. This is the motivation behind your actions.

You Must Know the Start of the Path

Each person takes their own unique path towards self development. Like any other path, self development has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Knowing the yourself is the beginning of the path of self development.

Glad For The Necessity Of Work

Work is good. It keeps us alive and revitalized. We don’t want to ever stop working. We should always be accomplishing something worthwhile.

Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds: Cathartic Potential for Personality Development

A truly modern myth, the film Inglourious Basterds is a dispenser of archetypes on a par with Spycatcher and Star Wars; this has apparently been overlooked by film buffs, who can easily get sidetracked by the self-conscious film references and moments of sheer virtuosity that abound in the movie. Its emotional sweep provides ample scope for identification with the characters and action and subsequent individuation.

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