10 Minute Guided Meditation for Students

Self-Care in Just 5 to 15 Minutes a Day

Busy men and women often say “I would love to do that (be healthier, feel better, have more of, enjoy more… whatever, you fill in the gaps). We often use time as a reason for not taking better care of ourselves. We all know that personal development can take time, and… it doesn’t need to be a great deal of time. In just 5-15 minutes a day, you can improve your overall well-being in a very short time.

Justification: Psychological Matter of Releasing Self-Condemnation MODE of Cosmic Therapy

We are not THAT put together if by having our prized illusions disturbed, we crumble. Justification sets the stage for our bronze fringed tasseled curtains to be pulled back to reveal the underlying illusive play to be revealed in full panoramic view.

Say Thank You For Your Lot

It’s a simple thing to say thanks. In the abbreviated form that I’ve just used, it’s just one word. It’s less powerful than “thank you” but it is still “thanks”. So, say it. Say it about fifty times a day.

Making an Art of Worry

Ever wonder what else you can do with your worries? Take those worries that create grooves in your mind and turn them into art. Here are simple steps to transforming worrisome emotions into more joyful ones.

Finding Your Life Purpose Is Closer Than You Think

Ever ask yourself what are you doing here on earth and where are you going? Wouldn’t it be keen if finding the answer to this question was as uncomplicated as looking it up in a textbook? Or you could turn to your parents, spouse or friends.

Feeling Stuck

Feeling stuck is not a great feeling, is it? I have been feeling very stuck lately and it frustrates me, it saddens me, and yet at the same time, I have started to release it all and not take it too seriously. This has been a great gift!

Embracing Change

Change is something we can always count on to happen. Whether the changes in our life are blessings or challenges, one thing is true; change is inevitable and constant. Most of us fear change because it challenges one of humans’ core issues, Control! We fear the unknown, which is embedded in change and we fear losing or being out of control.

What Are Habits and How Good Habits Can Enrich You

Find out what your habits them. Change them for the better right now!

Greed and Power – The Next Level of Humanity

Everyone should want to help create more peace in the world. In the history of humanity, we have had countless wars over this and that. It is said by many as long as there are men and women on this planet, we will have wars. I believe it is time that we evolve to the next level of humanity. If this is possible or not, only time will tell.

Emotional Triggers – Grieving in Plain Sight

Grief is a part of our daily lives. It is an emotional reaction to our environment. We react constantly to emotional triggers. As we move through the emotions of the day, at times we can be overwhelmed. So how do we recover, or maintain composure in public places?

Discover Your Self Development Strength in the World of Internet Marketing

In the world of Internet marketing you’ll need to recognize the money-spinning souk eager to buy anything you would offer them – that’s the basic. According to the experts you do not need any experience to establish Internet Marketing business. Most of the method and campaign can be learned easily.

Why You Don’t Need Your Ego At All

If we say that someone has a “huge ego,” are we saying they have a truly grounded, solid sense of self?In fact we are saying just the opposite. We are saying they have an inflated sense of themselves that isn’t grounded in reality.They have to pump themselves up precisely because they don’t feel solid, powerful, confident in themselves.

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