10 Minute Guided Meditation for Positive Energy

The True Magic of Surrender

Relinquishing control over things not under our control. That is what surrendering, in this context, means. There’s real power in this as it empowers one to go after things under one’s control while leaving the rest to the creator who is all-knowing and has one’s interest at heart.

What I Learned From The World’s 8 Wealthiest Men

Some days the lessons get the best of a girl. Yesterday was that day. Exhausted, I fell into bed concerned about an article I was supposed to write and frustrated over one I’d read. Sometime in the middle of the night I awakened, startled by the thought that the two were related. Of course, I was standing in an elevator in the middle of a memory that was rocking my socks off, but that didn’t occur to me, until I reached for my phone…

Personal Growth Expands Your Comfort Zone

How do you expand your comfort zone? Let’s look at some of the things in your past so that you can get clues about how to do what you already do well. Just being aware can help you in expanding your comfort zone!

The Necessity of Change in Our Lives

What change is and why it is important in our lives? We explore the necessity and difficulties around change. We all know we must change in order to improve our lives. But how do we go about doing this?

The Anatomy of Fear

Fear. It is this four letter word that has so much power over our lives we seem to have accepted it as part of the human condition. Fear takes us away from what we really desire, it makes us feel unworthy, it creates a sense of powerlessness but most of all it robs us of who we are meant to be.

From Socks Filled With Rags to Winning Championships: Leadership and Life With John Wooden

Where did it all begin for Coach John Wooden? Who were his most important teachers and role models?

Which Types of SMILES Can Change Your Life?

Your genuine smile can elevate your personality and change your life. It is not only about the contraction of some muscles. It changes the brain, stimulates joy, happiness and satisfaction.

Be Better Than The ‘Yesterday You’

We often look up to our idols, our mentors and try to be like them – but there are instances when we see others who are easily climbing up the ladder of success and are happy and get some sort of discomfort or become sad. This article will give simple methods to be a better you with a general notion that you should always aim to become better than what you were yesterday.

Being Grateful and Remembering That Life Goes By in a Flash of Light

We are not guaranteed another day on this planet when we lie down to sleep at night, so being grateful for every moment of life is vital. And, it’s also very important each day to have a genuine respect for life itself and not sleepwalk through it, looking forward to some future event or circumstances to finally bring the happiness that always seems to be just around the corner. Life is NOW, period. By always looking ahead and entire decade of life and fly by before we know it.

The Clearing and 2017

So, I started clearing non-essential stuff out of my life. It started with all of the emails lists I had subscribed to. Seems like I subscribed to anything and everything that peaked my fascination… At the Time

The One Magical Concept That Will Allow You To Join The Ranks Of The Wealthiest People In The World

Would you like to know how to join the privileged ranks of the wealthiest people in the world? In this powerful article, I share with you one valuable principle that sets the rich people apart. If you apply this vital concept in your life, you will have an opportunity to create any reality you want.

What Can We Control in Life?

Learning to become and have greater gratitude is another practice that will change your life. If you can work with this and become aware of how blessed you are really, again your happiness and productivity will increase. If you start with these three things you will find that you levels of control in your life will improve. To be in charge of everything you do, knowing that you are responsible for every thought, deed and action is the beginning of taking control of your life.

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