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Anoint Yourself

Sometimes people get a bit con­fused by this whole “brand yourself as an expert” thing and assume, wrongly, that anointing your­self as an expert in “X” means you can’t also be an expert in “Y.” And in much the same way, if you are the recognized expert in whatever you do, then when the need arises for an expert opinion for a news show or an article, you’ll be the one they contact, which means free publicity for you and your business.

How Do You Want to Project Yourself to the World?

The most crucial element of your personal brand, if you are to be successful, is that you must be authentic. The picture you project to the world and the one people see, must be a true reflection of who you really are. People will see right through anyone who is pretending to be something they are not.

Will You Go Blind If You Stare at the Sun?

The first time I mentioned to someone that I was sun gazing their initial reaction was, “you’re gonna go blind.” Sorry not so! That’s what I mean when I say do your due diligence before jumping to a conclusion instead of just listening to someone who probably just heard it from someone else who never even tried it let alone researched it.

Personalities: Do You Know Someone Who Is the Life of the Party?

Party Patty bounces home excited about another day being around people even if she was just at work. So what if all of her work did not get done today, it can wait till tomorrow. So what if she didn’t make her sales quota that will happen next month. The most important thing is that she hosted the best 50th birthday party for her friend at work. “Why can’t we all have some fun at work?” she questions, “Life would be so much better if everyone just took time out of the day to enjoy it and have a little fun.”

Personalities: Do You Know Someone Who Lives for Perfectionism?

Perfect Pete comes home after analyzing the best route to get there the fastest during rush hour traffic. He is disappointed that no one notices he saved two minutes by taking a new route and can’t believe the lack of attention to detail by his family. After all, there is the right way to come home which takes the least amount of time and then there are the several wrong ways to come home which take more time. And he has found the best. “Why can’t they appreciate the difference between the right way and the wrong way?” he mutters, “Life would be so much easier if everyone did everything the right way.”

Personalities: Do You Know Someone Who Always Likes to Be In Charge?

Dominating Dan storms in the house after a long day of dealing with completely incompetent people and is more frustrated than ever that Human Resources will not let him fire his entire staff. Not only is his staff incapable of keeping a deadline but he has to tell them what to do every step of the way. “Why can’t they think for themselves?” he mutters, “Life would be so much easier if everyone did what they were told when they were told to do it.”

Personalities: Do You Know Someone Who Is Super Sensitive?

Sensitive Suzie comes home sulking desperately wanting to head straight for her room after a long day of managing everyone else’s problems. She is exhausted from all of the confrontation and just wants to escape to her own little cocoon but knows that her family needs her so she puts off her alone time till later. “Why can’t everyone just get along?” she says, “Life would be so much simpler if everyone just worked together instead of fighting all the time.”

Simplify Everything in Your Life and You Will Succeed

As you face any challenge, do not try to solve the entire thing immediately. Discover the few things you can control, no matter how small and focus your energy on fixing only that. Keep asking positive solution orientated questions; keep moving forward, albeit at a snail’s pace. Focusing only on the next small step and any challenge, no matter how big can be overcome.

On Correcting Mistakes And Making Yourself Better

Self-improvement is one of the most important things that should occur in the life of a person. There are some people that are not aware what it entails. Definitions of this term are many but the simplest one is anything that will help in making your life better than before either spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally or whichever aspect of your life is known as self-improvement.

A Historical Definition for The Meaning of Procrastination – Does It Really Matter?

The History of Procrastination – People interested in the history of procrastination might look for books on the subject. In particular there are some to claim they show a complete history. Interestingly some of these books are not recommended for reading. The reason being is that investigation revealed that some of these books were never actually written. In some cases it was actually an elaborate and ironic joke (a book about procrastination that was never completed).

Mandatory At 100%

In many areas, doing things 99% is not good enough. 99% success in some things is failure. With some things we need to never let down, to never let it slide “just this once”. There are things that need to be done and cared about 100% of the time.

Is Pride Good or Bad?

While acknowledgement of your own actions could imply a sense of vanity that would attract a great load of criticism towards your actions or personality or both together, underrating your accomplishments and knowledge attracts the same exact thing. Sometimes the conclusion that nothing will please people around is true, but a lot of the time, manners could be misleading. Concealing your feelings towards your achievements could view you as a humble person, but some people will start thinking that you lack self-esteem; some will even be offending to your nature.

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