10 Minute Guided Meditation for Gratitude

My Attitude

A lot of people struggle to create change in their lives. But why is this so? Most people would like something to change in their life, career, family and business but, this is not happening despite their strong desire and deep thoughts.

Finding God’s Will in the World

In the midst of today’s busy world where everyone, especially the generation of millennials now finding their way around this world, it can be quite difficult to figure out God’s will. What can one do in line with what God wants to do? This can be a very difficult question to answer-pursuing your purpose that is, hopefully, in sync with God’s purpose for you.

Be a Rainbow Blessing

Just looking at a rainbow can bring us out of a depression and make us smile. Learn how we can use the gift of color to be a rainbow blessing in someone’s cloud!

Question 3: Which Will Ultimately Result in a Better Me: Continued Dependency or Self-Reliance?

There may be times in your life when you need outside help to survive. That is why there are a variety of wonderful charities and social services to help people in times of need. But the reality is programs like Welfare, food stamps, free lunch, and government housing, are ultimately harmful to many who become perpetually dependent on them.

How Reiki Energy Healing and Visualization Can Support Chemotherapy

One of the toughest decisions for someone who tends toward a more holistic, integrative approach to wellness is the treatment of cancer. Mainstream western medicine has adopted chemotherapy and radiation treatments as the ‘standard protocol” and many believe those are the best options. At the other extreme, some holistic practitioners espouse that you are being poisoned by Big Pharma companies for greed and massive profits only.

How to Change Our Mindset Through Positive Self Talk

Affirmations are a powerful tool that you can use to reprogram your subconscious mind and influence your life. The subconscious mind is the root of our issues; if you have limiting beliefs, they are embedded deep in your subconscious mind. By using affirmation frames, you can free your subconscious mind and eliminate these beliefs.

What’s in Your Obituary?

Your biography, resume, and LinkedIn profile provide the content that your family members will use to write your obituary.If you don’t like what you are reading get mad and take action to change things. These documents mirror your accomplishments. Updating your bio, resume, and LinkedIn profile provides you the opportunity to see where you are on completing your goals. These documents also provide your employer or clients an opportunity to see your value. People are living longer and working longer. Choose to live a fruitful life and a life of value.

Secrets Will Destroy Your Peace And Well-Being

Once your secret is no longer you will step out of the shadow of darkness into the light. You will understand there is nothing new under the sun.

The Idenfication of The Liar

The origin of a liar is evil. The goal of a liar is supposed self-protection. Although there are different kinds of pain, the intention of a liar is to cause or alleviate pain to the receiver of the lie. Every human being has good and evil. Telling a lie is an assault on an individual’s character consequently creating a violated victim. Telling a lie is unforgiveable. In order to be considered a good person, you must strive for good and fight evil. Do not be a liar.

Energy Protection

To bubble yourself or not bubble yourself… that is the question! In life, we all need protection.

Pastors, Plan With Purpose

Pastors and full-time Christian professionals can live vibrant lives and lead dynamic ministries. But the research is in. Most of them are struggling with life and ministry. I suggest a simple and straightforward solution that will move you away from struggle and discouragement.

Acceptance and Change

Do you want to change or are you willing to settle for less than you deserve? It takes courage to admit you want big change, but first you need acceptance.

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