10 Minute Guided Meditation for a Positive Morning

Better Service – How To Get It

Good service, when going out for a meal is arguably just as important as good food. So then, why do many diners bring bad service upon themselves? Could this be true of you? While we may have no difficulty identifying behaviour flaws in our diner companions, we can sometimes fail to recognise our own short comings.

Adult Children of Alcoholics – Why We Must Heal

So many ACoA’s know they are wounded, but unfortunately many of us have not learned how to release the pain that was once caused by our shame and denial based families of origin. In order to live a joyous life, it is profoundly important for us to learn how to move beyond and to release the pains of our past.

Life Is a Highway

It is so important to live in the NOW! Yes, it is necessary to have goals and a vision for your life but quite often we are so focused on what we want to create that we forget to appreciate where we are at.

When Should You Apologize?

The other day I was listening to one of my sisters tell me a story: She and her 4-year-old daughter had just arrived home from a fun day at Disneyland. My sister was unloading her car as her daughter happily trotted inside.

Self Discovery Pt 1

How many of you have asked yourself that one famous question, of the many famous questions asked, that asks, “Who am I?” How many times through the course of the day, and even our lives, do we consciously or unconsciously ask ourselves, “Who am I?

Your Body Your Temple?

God is no respecter of person. The Holy Spirit resides in each and everyone of us. Let me ask you this and be honest with yourself and for yourself, have you ever stopped to think is God comfortable in my temple? You do understand your temple is your body. Where the Holy Spirit resides. When we have house guests the majority of us clean our houses, metaphorically speaking. God forbid our friends see dust bunnies, dirty dishes, or unmade beds. Many people go out of their way to clean their houses for their friends. If we were honest with ourselves, most friends don’t treat us right 80% of the time.

The Secret To Being Debt Free In Five Years

Do you ever imagine what your life would be like if you were debt free? Think about it… Debt Free! No mortgage, no loans, leases, overdrafts. You own everything. The perfect lifestyle. Money at your fingertips to buy what you want, when you want it. What a great feeling. Well it is possible. You can do it

POPO: The Pissed On and Passed Over

POPO, the Pissed on and Passed over, are the people who work not for praises but for their own satisfaction. others take them on ride, because they are straight forward. these people are always edged out..

Are You Making a Mistake of Not Keeping a Personal Journal?

Have you been struggling to achieve your dreams? Do you feel like you are not making enough progress towards your dream? Or maybe you just started your journey towards your goals.

“Falling Up” – The Power of Resilience

Developing Resilience can be a lifelong task. Challenges strengthen you on your journey, and build character. This article describes 8 ways to build resilience.

Negative Emotions Used In A Positive Way

We have always been taught that some emotions, especially anger, are negative emotions, but what if we could use these emotions to our advantage? Learn about the 5 major emotions and the positive side to each.

Being Present In The Moment

Life has become so busy that we have forgotten how to stop and enjoy it. Whatever situation you find yourself in, practise being present in the moment.

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