10 Minute Guided Love Energy Meditation

Intuition: Listening For Grace

How can you distinguish between the voice of inner guidance and an aspect of your personality? How can you be sure it’s intuition whispering? Here are 7 simple steps for clearly hearing and acting on the voice of intuition.

The Importance of Awareness

In order to become successful and take advantage of many of the opportunities available, you must first be aware. Likewise, how can you prepare for any potential danger spots if you’re not aware of the environment?

In To Me I See

Blocking the flow of love and money can be discovered in the ways we hide from ourselves. True intimacy with another can only be experienced when we’re willing to be intimate with ourselves. This is the sign of true self love and a strong desire to fully connect with others.

Are You an Employee? Please Read These Rules of Success

As an employee, there are certain factors that will enhance your progress on the Job. I have outline some useful tips which i have used for more than thirteen years of paid employment.

Achieving Your Life’s Purpose

How do you know when you’re on the right course? The six key questions you need to ask yourself. When you can say “yes” to all of these, then you know you have achieved your life’s purpose.

Get Unstuck Through The Art of Giving

Lets face it. The last thing you want to do when you are stuck is to give something away. Actually when you are stuck you usually don’t want to do much of anything. Being stuck saps your energy, your sense of direction and your self-esteem. It leaves you in a place where it seems you have no resources, no way out. So why in the world would anyone want to give something away when they are in this state? The answer is very simple. It is good for a stuck person to give something away because it takes their focus off of themselves.

Eliminating Stress and Finding Inner Peace

If you want to find ways of eliminating stress and finding inner peace then here are some ways to achieve this. Say no more often. A major reason for feeling increasingly stressed is an inability to say no.

Personal Growth Comes With Self-Acceptance – The Little Prince Series

Learning to live consciously isn’t something we get the hang of overnight. It’s a journey of trial and error. Because we have been divorced from awareness of our true self since a young age-in the case of the pilot who meets the Little Prince it was by age six-we have spent many years practicing habitually unconscious behavior. As we begin to awaken to how unconscious most of our behavior is, we have to be patient with ourselves.

Life Obstacles: What Winners Do by Facing Them

Have you ever wondered yourself why some people are so successful, while others aren’t? Have you ever asked yourself why some people have their dreams come true while others don’t? Obviously, there are more than one elements to create a successor. And an essential key is the way people deal with obstacles in their life. In this article, let us see how winners deal with obstacles and challenges in their life.

A New Consciousness Is Ending the Conspiracy of Ineffectiveness

If we had a true depiction of where we are today in our world, it would look something like this: You would a caveman with long tangled hair and a beard and a big club in his hand. He’d have his woman by the hair, and in front of him would be placed a computer. That is where we are today.

The Power of Listening With a Closed Mouth and Open Mind

For Personal Growth, you need to develop your skills. The power of listening without judgment should never be underestimated. A list of things that listening is not and 5 ways to practise listening.

Get Unstuck By Getting Present

How many times has someone told you that you aren’t listening? Consider this scenario. A busy executive comes home at night worn out and his wife and kids are grumpy that he doesn’t have time for them. He seems to always go straight to his home office to “check his email.” It seems that even on the weekend he can’t attend to soccer games because he is thinking about or actually doing business. Does this sound even vaguely familiar? If it does then you are not making yourself available to your family and friends. They don’t like it and maybe you don’t either but you don’t know what to do about it or you could be so tired you just need some time to yourself without everybody wanting a piece of you.

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