10 Minute Grateful Sleep Meditation

Four Ways To Overcome Shyness

She walks looking at the ground. She never meets you eye to eye. She talks in a small weak voice, very timid, and almost afraid to speak. She does speak, but you have to listen real carefully as the tone is so low, you miss what she is saying. How many of you get this shy around people, especially groups of people or meeting a new person for the first time? Here are four strategies to overcoming your shyness around people.

Personal Development Can Impact Your Health

People nowadays have become very conscious of their health and fitness. Follow these personal development tips to improve your health. These tips are easy to follow, and you’ll get results quickly.

Tips On How To Find Balance In Life

If you feel things aren’t going the way you want them to and you find yourself making excuses to the people around you and to yourself, if you’re struggling trying to figure out how to find balance in life, or if you’re having difficulty managing your various roles and responsibilities, read on.   There are some steps you can take in order to take back the control over your own life…

What’s the Difference Between Counselling and Psychotherapy?

The words “counselling” and “psychotherapy” are often used interchangeably, but it is important to understand the differences. Anyone can offer empathic listening to promote healing, but the tools to produce change, employed by a psychotherapist, require specialized training.

How Important Is Having a Unique Personal Style?

When we were young we always experimented with ourselves, our looks, behavior, mannerism, and such. But over time we start to lose such endeavor, we start living in a steady pace and lose grip. We forget to find the excitement in discovering new things anymore. We forget to be us, to be unique and young as we used to be. So how important is being unique and having our own “swag” as they call it?

Characteristics of an Outperformer

Outperformers – in any endeavor – and in every sector of the economy, are special people. They’re special because of who they are (character) and because of what they do (actions). In almost four decades of studying performance management and performance improvement, I’ve identified a number of characteristics high performing individuals and organizations have in common. The two most common traits are the ability to visualize the future they want to have and to be action-oriented in doing those things necessary to make that future a reality. Having said that, I’d also like to share a few other important characteristics of an Outperformer:

Which of These 4 Wealth Building Strategies Are You Missing?

Do you have good wealth building strategies? If you don’t then it’s a good time to start now! Having a wealth building strategy is important if you want to secure wealth for yourself and your family, especially in this difficult economy. Read this article to find out the four most important, simple to apply wealth building strategies that work for everyone.

Tips for Personal Development and Goal Setting

Many people have improved their lives with the help of personal development tips and setting realistic goals. Learn how goal setting can help you to succeed with your personal growth and development desires.

Study Abroad Lessons Delivering New Perspectives – 1 – Free Your Mind

Of course we’re all born with desires where our dreams are naturally defined, understood and internalized. What happens when those dreams are uncontrollably deterred? Will good men fold & crack, or refocus and adapt? Follow along as we discover how attaining new perspectives assist us to successfully attain previously inconceivable unlimited opportunity.

Changing Your Attitude About Change

How do you typically react to change? Do you love it or hate it? Most of us would probably answer, “It depends.”

Women Olympians Medal As Role Models

Now that the XXX Olympic Games are complete, you can use these female athletes as role models for success in your own life. Title IX gave girls the funding to participate in sports but their own initiative gave them the spirit to compete.

The 3 Habits You Need To Have Right Now

Without a doubt, the vast majority of everything we ever do and HOW we do it is influenced by our habits, be they good or bad. If all of our actions are essentially habitual, wouldn’t it make sense that we develop great habits and cut out all of the bad ones?

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