10 Minute Energy Cleanse Meditation

You’re Already Perfect

Do you love yourself? I don’t just mean on the inside, but do you love what you see in the mirror?

You Can’t Delegate Your Self-Care!

It must be in our DNA, but women often have a hard time turning off the “caregiver” switch to take care of ourselves. And as a women entrepreneur, not only does that switch stay on at home, but it’s perpetually on in our businesses. As a result, we’re switched “on” 24-7, with virtually no off-time physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally… and even financially.

Learning How to Put Myself First In Order To Better Serve Others

Little did I know that that experience would send me on my own personal inner journey. I learned to live simply and detach myself from the constant pursuit of unnecessary material things. I also learned that for me to help anyone I had to be strong internally and have a healthy sense of myself, know who I am and be able to look after myself on a daily and constant basis. Yes, in order to help others I had to learn how to put myself first. Sounds selfish?

Should You Believe In Karma?

At some time or another, each of us have heard someone refer to karma, or fate, or what come’s around goes around. Is there really something to this karma thing, or it merely how some people motivate themselves or convince themselves that they should do the right thing? Plato put it this way, “Good actions give strengths to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.”

Women Seeking Bipolar Depression or Anxiety Treatment in Mental Health Facilities Approach Self-Care

Women frequently place the needs of others above their own needs and instead focus on jobs, children, spouses, family, friends or dinner plans, frequently at the cost of mental and physical health. This self-sacrifice can run one ragged and lead to feelings of depression and anxiety, as well as other mental health issues. While born out of good intentions, sacrifice can be self-destructive; women need time to recharge in order to live healthy lives.

How to Understand, Control and Change Difficult Emotions

Radical acceptance is one of those terms that either makes sense or it doesn’t. Brought into popularity by Dr. Tarah Brach, the concept of Radical Acceptance artfully blends Buddhist teachings of compassionate mindfulness with Psychology, resulting in a dramatic embracing of the present as a method of healing the pains of the past.

New Year’s Resolutions – Done With Them

Each New Year you can be successful in improving your life. By setting intentions in place of resolutions you can have the life you desire.

Put an End to Procrastination

Putting off important tasks in favor of leisure or less significant activities is occasionally fine. However, if it becomes a habit and reaches a point where it is hindering your success, then it is time to actively put a halt to it.

The Role of a Mentor for Personal and Professional Growth

No man is an island, as the old adage says. This is very true.

Do You Believe That Being Average Is OK?

My intent with this article is to grab hold of those magnificent people out there and by those magnificent people, I mean you too, and give them a gentle reminder that they are only idling and if they wish to break free from average, they are equipped to do so. What are you waiting for, before you believe in your own power to create exactly the life you desire and then for you to pull the trigger on possibility, where you start to take daily inspired action, to make it possible for you. You don’t need a…

Five Enemies of Productivity

We all want to be more successful and make a greater contribution to the world we live and work in. The problem? Life gets in the way. It’s the things we do – or don’t do – that rob us of the joy of accomplishment and contribution. You know me and my position on life in general: Live intentionally! Life is way too short to live any other way. One of my favorite quotes is from Peter Drucker: “The only way to get the future you want is to create it.” While it’s true we’re not omnipotent, we do have the ability to think, reason and make good decisions.

The Basic Needs Of Life

When many people hear that the body requires food, they assume that it is the quantity that matters. This is not true. It is the quality that really counts. The quality of food can be established by the nutrients it contains. There are different nutrients available in food.

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