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Love Yourself First: Prerequisite to Happiness

For many years I studied and shared information about happiness–the whole psychology of happiness. You can get a degree, even a PhD, in Happiness. The thing is, you cannot fulfill your desire to live in happiness until you create love for yourself.

Purposeful Discomfort

It is possible to gradually grow self-discipline and control over impulses and desires by depriving yourself of minor conveniences, and purposefully causing yourself minor inconveniences that we would not normally encounter. Hear me out. It’s called purposeful discomfort, and it’s a good way to develop self-control.

80 Percent of Self Discipline Is Saying No

Saying no is one of the most important things to learn when developing your self-discipline. One of the problems with getting and maintaining self-discipline is that we are “too easy” on ourselves and let laziness take over our lives rather than saying “no” to the things that suck up our time or get us sidetracked from our goals.

The Problem of Procrastination

What are some of the causes of procrastination? In my exploration I’ve discovered more than a few, but there are two that stick out as major contributors to procrastination: perfectionism and impulsivity.

Prayer of Molding

If you believe in God and that He answers prayers, then pay close attention to what you are about to read! One of the most awesome prayers you can ever ask God is for Him to mold you and make you over. On the surface, that seems to be a reasonable prayer request and should be the goal of everyone. Herein lies the catch… molding hurts!

The Weaknesses That Plague Us

The point of this article, that the most common interest is in the weaknesses that plague us as human beings. This clearly shows that so many people feel weak in some way and are looking for ways to become stronger individuals.

Loneliness at Its Finest

This article is a personal experience about my time of being lonely. We have all been at this moment one time or another, but here I offer an alternative perspective.

Is Vague Your Middle Name? How To Stop Setting Yourself Up For Disappointment

Many of us are trapped in a cycle of constant disappointment and avoidable problems simply because we are vague and are seemingly unable to get clear. The good news is, awareness is the first step to getting happy and living a satisfied life…

Recovering From Addiction Of A Different Kind: The Addiction To Being Broke

I’ve never had an addiction to drugs or alcohol… but there are other addictions that are just as debilitating and destructive… like the addiction to being broke.

What Do You Hold Onto Instead Of Being Happy, Healthy And Free?

Are you afraid of changing? Do your emotions of the past keep you stuck in self-destructive patterns? Let’s look at what’s keeping you from feeling happy, healthy and free.

Introvert or Extrovert – The Battle Continues

So do you like speaking your heart out or love keeping things in your head? Whichever category you belong to, this article will show you that you are truly special.

Emotional Healing: Why Don’t Some People Heal?

When it comes to healing or moving on from the past; some people progress a lot faster than others. There are also other situations where some people are perpetually caught up in their past and feel as if nothing is changing. Now, the past that one has had and the pain and trauma that may have been experienced in this past are not to be dismissed or played down. The story that one has is unique and deserves to be respected.

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