10 Habits for Your Mental Health 🌱

The Power Of Belief To Change Your Life

This article explains how changing a Belief that we hold can actually change our life. What I want to share with you today is a conceptual tool, which if you choose to use it, is guaranteed to help you make your journey through life, an easier, more effective, and more fulfilling one!

3 Tips to Become Your Ideal Self

One of the most important concepts in personal development is often the most overlooked as well. Many people will try to find nifty time management techniques, or will follow quick methods that are supposed to improve certain areas of their life, but they forget to really work on themselves. What I’m talking about is integrity and character.

Self-Love Basics

Self-love is love that you give to yourself and you feel for yourself. It is pure and in harmony with loving others. It involves caring love, respect, confidence, acceptance, and approval of yourself.

The Way of a Fool

It is prudent to stop and think before you speak, especially when you are with a group of people. There is always someone in a group who mouths off a barrage of words on every topic, one who professes to have explicit knowledge of every topic that pours out of his mouth. This usually becomes a one-way conversation.

Personality and the Big Five Traits

For recruitment and workforce development purposes, corporations and businesses are very much concerned with the big five traits of personality. Companies often have their own ways of evaluating and determining the different personalities of their employees.

Do You Leave Money Sitting By The Phone?

Personalizing money gives you opportunity to change how you relate to money. Today’s article is about those guys that act like you are in a committed relationship and Friday night comes around with no sign of them. Do you treat money similarly?

Why You Should Ignore the Casting Call of Life

We are all cast in a role by our family and friends, and we continue to play that role throughout our lives. It is not easy to stand up and be an individual, but we should try. We should always explore what is best for us, not what is best for those that raised us.

Why You Should Ask Why

Without asking why we do not learn. We should continue to ask why. Here is why.

How to Live With Refusal and Succeed

It is about time that we refused to believe the lies. It is time we began to refute the miseducation. In this short article, learn how to succeed by refusing to believe everything you were told.

Steps That Lead to Good Personality Development

A person must have enthusiasm and the right attitude to ensure positive personality development as he is the only one who is responsible for his decision. Developing your personality not only includes enhancing your outer appearance but it also comprises a positive change in your attitude, your behaviour, body language, character and understanding about self.

Fear And Control

When we are faced with events or moments in our lives that cause us to fear something it is easy to slip into the role of always behaving this way. If an event or moment were to come along that reminds us of something that came before, something we had a hard time with, it is easy to associate it with the current moment or event. We often look at life as a repeating pattern, especially when it comes to our fears, for that which we fear the most we expect to happen again.

Do You Need Therapy or Just an Attitude Adjustment?

Some may benefit from therapy, many more won’t but still need to address certain obstacles in their life. It is this second group of individuals that are the consumers of self-help approaches. This article will examine a specific therapy and then demonstrate how the therapeutic methods of this therapy contain a philosophy for living life. It is the application of this philosophy through self-help that offers hope and a method for making a successful attitude adjustment.

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