10 Easy New Year Resolutions Ideas for 2021 🎊

How To Transform Your Life And Get Started On A Personal Growth Plan

Ever feel like you need to figure a way for how you can change your life? It wasn’t that long ago when my entire life crashed to a wrecking ball, and then a miraculous personal growth plan had started. I’d known deep within there was a burning need to change my life and to make a much needed career change, but I’d put off on taking any sort of action.

When You Are Feeling Trapped In Life And Chained To Those Self-Imprisoning Thoughts

A way for us to heal those self-imprisoning thoughts of feeling stuck and depressed is to let go of the prison house and become one with our inner Self. What is it that gives us the idea of feeling trapped in life? I’ve found that we resurrect to experiencing self-healing once we’re clear about what we truly want from life. Going to prison is not an easy ordeal to live with, and I surely never wish it on anyone. I noticed a parallel with that feeling stuck and depressed self-imprisonment we often do to ourselves. You know, when you feel trapped in life. I’m sure you’ll agree it seems difficult and even more self-imprisoning when you don’t know what to do if you feel depressed.

Nine Lives

It is believed that cats have nine lives because they supposedly always land on their feet. This myth has been applied to humans too especially when they have cheated death. However, this phrase can also be utilized when a person survives some other type of catastrophe i.

The Seven Wonders Of The World

The Seven Wonders of the World are described by historians and others as a list of man-made structures created during the Classical era. Although there are now “new” Seven Wonders of the World lists, most would agree that these are the most prominent. The one that many think of first is the Great Pyramid of Giza which is located in Egypt and is the only remaining structure of the seven.

Sixth Sense

According to the Spiritual Science Research Foundation, sixth sense or subtle perception ability “is our ability to understand the subtle cause and effect relationship behind many events which is beyond our understanding of the intellect.” ESP, clairvoyance, premonition, and intuition are considered synonyms of sixth sense. In other words, this goes beyond the five senses of smell, taste, sight, touch, and sound.

Create Your Dream Life Now, Not Some Day

This gift is an invitation for you to start changing this right here, right now! Do not wait any longer to start living your dreamlife, Yes You Can! How many ideas do you get and not do anything with them?

The Mystery of the Flor De Lis: A Story of Love and Gratitude

A Story of Love and Gratitude You don’t have to spend too much time around me to know how much I love and trust that sweet six-petal flower that we call the Flor de Lis. It adorns my bracelet, pins and my website. More than that, it fills my heart and soul with its energy and its power to clean and transform the lives of those who will embrace it.

Fifth Avenue

Growing up in Westchester County, NY, I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Manhattan pretty frequently. Although “the city” has many wonderful places to explore, Fifth Avenue has always seemed extra special to me. During the holidays, all the shop windows are decorated, especially Saks Fifth Avenue, and Rockefeller Center has its majestic tree surrounded by angels and other festive decorations.

Two For Tea

Drinking tea with others is a ritual in many countries. Surprisingly, Turkey and Morocco consume more tea than countries we would normally think of, like England. For some there is a protocol on how it should be prepared and drunk, and some may even make it more ceremonial.

Why One Is Not The Loneliest Number

There is a famous Three Dog Night song entitled “One is the Loneliest Number”. However is this really true? In our fast paced, complicated lives, we are encouraged to “Just Do It” and make it all happen.

What Can One ‘Nobody’ Do?

More than you can imagine… In this temporarily schizophrenic society, where too often the answer to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is “a celebrity”-it’s vital to understand the power of the well-intentioned individual.

Learn How To Tap Into The Power Of Your Unconscious Mind And Bring Success To You

Deep down in an endless arena of your mind rest your mind power secrets, in the unconscious mind which houses your illusory ego. This ego isn’t real, but it thinks it is and believes it is connected to your identification. The ego has projected as a body, called human. In other words, your ego identity is a part of your whole-mind that dreams and projects images of what it thinks is the real world, and believes is you. Each part compares eventually in order to create your character. In this area that dreams of illusion, you are comatose, unaware, but you have automated actions that happen. Keep reading to understand the habits of successful people who have ever walked this earth have learned mind power secrets, by how to be in control of the ego rather than the ego controlling them

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