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Money Can’t Buy Me Love

I keep hearing from all the gurus out there that I need to make my marketing message about how I help my clients Make More Money! Well guess what? Even though making more money is awesome, (let’s be real here, who doesn’t want more money?) the women who are attracted to my work want something much more valuable than money!

Compare and Despair

To whom do you compare yourself? Who would you be today if you were unable to compare yourself with anyone else? Please don’t skip over this; it’s not a rhetorical question. If you were unable to compare yourself with anyone else, how would your day have been different than it was today?

When Planning Special Events You Inner Being Must Be Involved

That which is drawn together in the inner life will draw together in the outer. Therefore, contact with others on the inner levels will increase your drawing ability in the outer life. If you are focused inwardly only upon your own beingness you are not open to contact with others on the inner levels, therefore there is no outward bonding or drawing together; you are isolated within yourself.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Developing emotional intelligence can be very beneficial for those working with people especially when in the role of leadership or cooperative group situations. Having a high level of emotional intelligence is synonymous with having good people skills.

How to Follow Your Desires

Do you remember as a child that feeling of desire? Of wanting something and dreaming of having it so intensely that you absolutely knew it would be yours? Dangerous stuff right? I’m sure by now, since you are a responsible adult, you have safely cloaked, squelched and muted your desires. What a relief!

The Tool Box of Life

How does one get in control of one’s feelings, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs? First, we need to decide if we control our thoughts and feelings or do they control us? In effect, are we victims to the synaptic firings and hormone-driven changes of affect; or do we create them to serve our needs? Who is the master – and who is servant? This article provides simple, easy steps to bring our internal dialogue under our control.

Must Use Resource – Learn For Free With Scribd

How do you get an edge in today’s tough economy? What critical skill are you lacking that can make you more attractive to employers? I’m a huge proponent of using the other 8 hours to learn, grow, and create. Sure you can go back to school and get that advanced degree or designation, but with money so tight, are there more economical ways to learn and get an edge? Absolutely!

Invest in Me, Inc And Earn a 100,000% Return

How would you like to earn a 100,000% investment return without investing in the stock market? The greatest financial asset you have is not your house, your 401(k), or even your job.

Six Rules For Success With People

This article reveals six timeless rules for building strong personal and business friendships. Following these rules can help you develop profitable personal and business relationships and make everyone you meet an advocate who wants to help you succeed.

Personal Performance Coaching – Personal Growth Benefits

A vast array of knowledge and supporting evidence has been collated to demonstrate how CBA can improve the quality of an individual’s life. CBA is used in Personal Performance Coaching (PPC).

How to Improve Your Mental and Physical Well-Being

With everything that is going on in todays’ world and with so many people having tough times, it is very hard to find the mental strength to do what is necessary to go forward. But as a people, we are very resilient, and we can do whatever it takes. We must continue to press forward.

What is Personal Development All About?

I sometimes get very frustrated (it doesn’t last long!) when I see the extent to which Personal Development is hijacked by people whose sole focus is on money. Go on, Google ‘Personal Development’ – the number of sites that talk about becoming a millionaire, trebling your income, achieving financial freedom!

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