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Living for Significance Series: Rediscover the Child Within Us

What happens to a person as they grow older? Why can’t we all interpret the world through the eyes of the child we once were? What would our lives be like if we could? What would the rest of our lives be if we did?

When Defensiveness Shows Up

In November, 2007 I wrote about defensiveness and have found that, more than any other article that I’ve written, people commented on this one. I believe it’s because all of us know what it feels like to want to defend ourselves. Even if we’re not actively defensive, the urge to defend our feelings, thoughts, and/or actions is part and parcel of being human. And often, this defensiveness creates even more disconnection and conflict than what we truly want.

Life Lessons From a Drum Circle?

I had no idea that learning beginning drum principles would teach me so much about everyday life. Here’s what I learned.

The ONE Reason You’re Having Trouble Finding Your Life Purpose

Having trouble finding your passion in life? Here’s one thing you can do that will help you find your purpose, fast.

Self Renewal Through Relationships

How can we renew ourselves? I point out one highly reliable way: building a broader range of friends.

Words Of Healing – Peaceful Messages For Those In Pain

“What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.” This is a quote from Mother Teresa, and it stands true. No matter what is or has happened in your life you can find solace and words of healing, love and support within your family group.

The Most Important Things In Life Are Not Things

In today’s modern world it is easy to become distracted by gadgets and gizmos, we are surrounded by technology to the point of almost total suffocation. As a result some of the most important things in our lives are being over looked, forgotten or simply taken for granted.

Let Old Beliefs Go

Our beliefs guide our everyday life. We choose to do whatever we believe is important. Yes, our lives are a choice. And when you are running a small business you get to make those choices every day.

Cease Whining and Take Back Control

If you are continuously moaning you have to feel you’ve got a genuine reason to grumble and your life isn’t in the place you need it to be. In the event that you don’t complain, you almost certainly have a friend that does and yes it can make everybody really feel miserable.

Have You Played?

It was time for a simple shift. One action I could incorporate by noon. An adjustment that reaps a lifetime of benefits.

Do The Right Thing – The Surest Way To A Happier Life

Carole and i often tell people the surest way of having a happier and easier life is to do the right thing. Sometimes they’ll tell us, though, they don’t know what ‘the right thing’ is – and that’s when we get to explain they are mistaken. Everyone knows what ‘the right thing’ is; they just sometimes choose to ignore it or pretend it’s something hidden or complicated or unobtainable.

It’s A Miracle You’re Even Here!

You are a miraculous winner and, in this article, I set out to prove it. What you have to prove is that you are living your life as a worthy winner.

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