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Journeys and Destinations

The summer vacation season is beginning to really start up. Perhaps some of you have already been on vacation, while many of you anticipate taking some time away from home over the next several weeks. It’s a natural part of human nature to focus on the end point of our activities. Think back to childhood, or now if you have children, how their mind works when you go some place with the family.

Fork on the Left, Knife on the Right – Understanding a Table Place Setting

How many times have you been at an dinner affair and no one knows which glass of water or bread plate is theirs? In addition, no one knows which utensil to use or how to use it? Find out how to properly understand a table place setting and never be caught off-guard again.

Journaling Toward An Exraordinary Life

Self discovery by articulating thoughts in writing. Journaling is a tool that will allow you to better organize your thoughts, define goals and create action plans.

Open an Account for Yourself

Are you content with your situation in life? Do you have a plan to get to where you desire to be? Absolute accountability to try until you succeed is the best way to set your mind. You can’t control what the universe may or may not throw your way, but you have total control of your actions. Make the first commitment to yourself to be accountable for your life’s destiny. As a human being, you already beat incredible odds just to be born. Do you have it in you to beat the odds again? Can you aspire to the life that your dreams are made of? The power lies inside of you.

The Physiology of Personal Growth

The joy that comes with the birth of a child can most times be exhilarating an experience but no matter how happy the couples are, this moment of joy may quickly give way for sadness when the child’s growth is either stunted or doesn’t grow at all. Physical growth is very important and is not something that is hidden to the eyes. There is an expectation that every child born is meant to go through a certain developmental stage at a given period in life and when this is not the case, it reveals some inherent problems that requires attention. While growing physically is somewhat a compulsory stage everyone must have to go through, personal development on the other hand is a choice we have to make. You can either choose not to add value to yourself or decide to be on top of your game; it’s a matter of choice. Your fulfillment in life is tied to how prepared you are to take up your purpose and run with it. The key word here is preparation. You can never fulfill purpose without preparation.

The Reflected Self: Enhancing Personal Quality by Looking at Others

Don’t we know ourselves pretty well already? After all, we spend a lot of time in from of the mirror and a lot of time being evaluated. We’ve been analyzed through personality profiles, 360 evaluations and a host of other appraisals. Surely, we are as transparent as a newly installed pane of glass.

Create a Positive Life: Live With Integrity

As with most things, integrity begins at home – inside you and inside me. If I don’t have integrity, how can I expect to find it in the world outside myself, as that world is only a reflection of my inner space.

Overcome Fear and Invite Success Into Your Experience

Do battle with your FEARS and strive to overcome them. Have the courage to fight the things that are holding you back and limiting your potential. Until you become courageous in your life and you commit to pursue the things you want and you work to become the person you want to become, you will remain trapped in an un-fulfilling life.

Subconscious Mind and Its Impact on Our Behaviour

I can guarantee all of you would vouch for yourselves: “I have self-control.” “I can control my behaviour.” Surprisingly enough, our actions are little under our control and there is a driving force behind our every action.

Setting Intentions – Be Careful What You Wish For

By setting intentions, you can clearly identify what you need to do to achieve your goals. Without knowing what you want, how can you achieve it? Take some time and evaluate where in your life changes need to happen. Identify what these changes could be and start taking action to achieve them.

A Post on Being

So many people claim to be miserable. Miserable with their life, their jobs, their place, their status, their relationship, etc, etc, and the list goes on. But what are they comparing themselves to?

From Bunches of Keys to Plane Tickets!

In 2009 I went through the most transformational year of my life, when I went through an upheaval from my “gorgeous” life in Cape Town that in truth was crumbling around me and I had to hot foot it back to JHB. Whilst my soul yearned for the sea and the mountain, I was also 100% able to appreciate at the time, the special vibrant, work dominant energy of Johannesburg. I was there to work hard, get myself out of depression and financial chaos, expand, network my tushy off, and do some awesome business deals wearing several different “hats” that year.

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