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Making Resolutions and Goals Stick: If You Change Based on Feeling Inadequate, It Doesn’t Work

Statements containing some inner truth are the only ones that wound us. Should your child shout, “you’re a horrible mother;” that might inflict some pain. Although we know she is acting out, if we possess ANY insecurity about the subject – no matter no minute – and someone casts light upon it, we cannot help but flinch. Inner doubts multiply rapidly. Advertisers build careers on playing to those negative voices; trying to convince you you’re not good enough. As long as you start from that place, change is doomed.

Getting Started for the New Year: Resolutions Do Not Work Unless Something Changes

If one were to look at the construction of our lives in the same way a contractor might plan to build a barricade, things make sense. Each brick is carefully chosen, sized, and cemented in its space. Over time, an entire, structurally sound wall is formed and the structure evolves into a fine fortress, secure in it’s ability to prevent intruders. However, it can also hold us prisoner. Although our bricks are made neither of quartz nor clay, we are architects; our building blocks are the actions and thoughts we have used and reused over the decades. As illustration, the block entitled “celebrate” is often located next to the one labeled “eat.” The unit holding down “take a walk” is entitled “stay comfortable.”

Honesty Is Such A Lonely Word

In the dictionary, honesty is defined as truthfulness and fairness, not cheating and stealing, yet in the workplace honesty does not just concern lying, stealing or cheating. Honesty in the workplace is also about righteousness, and doing the right things such as engaging in open communication, saying what needs to be said, and being straightforward and assertive.

How To Motivate Yourself!

As I walked away from my desk and computer, I thought, “just what motivates other people, and how to motivate yourself? Heck, I am so motivated, I can’t stand it! Motivated about what?

About Your Dreams and Dream Analysis

Your dreams reflect your deepest emotional responses to your waking-life experiences and they appear within the context of your life as a whole. Dreams underscore what is happening to you now, what has happened in the past, your problems, fears, trauma, ambitions, guilt- feelings, sexuality, hatreds, habits, prejudices, things you love, achievements, desires and repressed emotions, to name a few.

Heart Hugs: Reducing Stress in 5 Steps for Change and Transformation

Feeling the need for change but not always sure how to create it? Feeling stressed, grumpy, unable to focus? When we direct our intentions and align ourselves for change, we can use the discomfort of feeling grumpy and stressed to carry us further and faster into the changes we seek to better create the lives we want. Heart Hugs are gentle touches that are something you can do for yourself anytime, anywhere whether you are at home, work or in the store.

Common Behaviors of Manly Men

With a drastic change in roles between women and men that we have seen over the last century, it’s not as clear as it once was what is expected of a man. This article lists the Top Ten most common behaviours of Manly Men of our time. Where do you stand?

5 Tips to Help You Feel 10 Years Younger

As with all makeover shows, the transformation that happens for these women is nothing short of a miracle. It always brings tears to my eyes because it’s not the new clothes, hair and makeup that are the miracle, it’s the inner light that beams out of these women that blows you away. You see how HAPPY they are and how much this is going to impact every area of their life.

Stress Relief – Eliminating The State Of Miserable!

Stress is something we all have to deal with. It’s part of the package deal we obtain as living breathing human beings. Relieving and dealing with stress (stress relief) is something that is a learned skill for many.

The Code of the West: Being a Man

Being a man means being chivalrous, honorable, truthful, trustworthy, polite, fair, gentle at times, and tough at others. It’s about showing women respect. It’s about standing up for yourself, but more importantly it’s about standing up for weaker men.

Do You Have a Relationship With Yourself?

We rarely consider the relationship we have with our self. This article explains why this is one of the most important relationships and how fixing this relationship can create a happier and healthier life.

The Niche-Switch: The Ability to Change Business Focus

As professionals and entrepreneurs we know that change in our business and in our personal lives is inevitable. There will always come a time (over and over again) when we recognize the need to either improve upon our focus or change it all together. Coming to this realization isn’t always easy, but once you’re ready and able to move beyond the uncertainty and indecision, the options will begin unfolding before you and propel you forward with a smile on your face and a song in your heart!

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