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High Performance Coaching – High Investment, Ultimate Returns

This article is about a great life coach who worked with our son just after a horrible period of pancreatitis, addiction to pain medications and attempted suicide. Although still a work in progress, right now the ending is happy.

Are You Afraid of Getting Found Out?

Have you ever been nervous before an event and started to feel your confidence leaving you. Your thoughts turn to the fact that you feel under-qualified or even stupid because people will know more than you do. Well you are not alone, read on.

Who Are ‘They’?

Ever heard people say ‘they’ said ‘something’? Who are ‘they’ anyway?

I Don’t Believe in Therapy

I can’t count how many times I have heard this comment from students or from people in general. Luckily, people around me don’t hold back their thoughts, even though most of them know I am a therapist. Not only do I find this funny, but I truly enjoy hearing people’s impressions of therapists or therapy in general.

Cats Already Know

I was enjoying my early morning coffee today when out sauntered my beautiful calico cat. Katie’s getting on in age at 12 years old but you’d never know it with her silky coat, the easy way she still can spring up to a ledge 5 times her height with nearly no effort at all.

How to Create the Life of Your Dream With 3 Proven Steps

If you want to create the life of your dream, this will be the right article that can help you. What you are going to discover here are the 3 proven steps that as long as you follow through, you will be able to live the life that you always desire.

How Good Is Your Sat Nav?

Are you going in the right direction or have you taken a wrong turn along the way? Read on for tips to tame your own personal satellite navigation system.

Get Out of That Rut – Don’t Make it Part of Your Life!

Many people, at some point in time, look up and realize that they are in a rut. There is no need to set up shop and make that rut a part of your life. Through some simple actions, you can create a new spark for challenge and get out of that rut.

Indeed Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

Looking good equals feeling good. But did you know the opposite is also true? Here are some tips to help you look and feel your best at every age.

Empathy – Transposing Yourself in Their Place

Empathy is more or less a form of selflessness because you step out of your world, your worries, joys and responsibilities in order to completely immerse yourself in another person’s world. Many define it as the ability to “walk in the other person’s shoes”.

Empathy – The Emotion-Reading Phase

Many specialists have claimed that empathy is an efficient way of communicating harmoniously with the others and succeeding in establishing a stronger connection with them than before. However, few are those who manage and know how to apply it in reality. Many of us are self-centered and fail to understand and empathize with the surrounding people.

Disarming Others With Empathy

Empathy is a rare ability because few manage to really understand what the other is feeling and to identify themselves with another’s situation. Once you succeed in showing such emotional capacity, you enjoy a sense of getting closer to the interlocutor.

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